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Maybe an idea to fill up severs


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I was thinking of ways that could help fill a server

My though is ..Probably like me some ppl doesnt play when there is low players in a server .

What if As soon as you open the launcher you are assigned to a certain server but Launcher will wait your input to join that server or if you choice another one you like better.

Say a popular server is full...You open the launcher automaticaly under opening you are queued to a next server and wait your input to start the game .

So you would see all total queued players in each server..if you close the launcher.. total minus one (you)

So if I want to play and I leave my launcher open and I could wait that the queue get higher .Many options can be add like start game a min of x players ingame ,close launcher after x minutes and many more to deal with this system .

Just a though that can be investigate the good and the cons

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