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Project ReSound v0.4 update! List of preliminary changes.

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Good day! Soon new innovations are coming up in the Project ReSound v0.4 update! Here is a list of preliminary changes:

* Grenadier Grenade Launcher:
-Completely changed the sound of firing from a grenade launcher.

Completely changed the sound of shooting and the effect of the cease-fire.

*Automatic rifle
-Completely replaced the sound of shooting on the basis of the original.

* Marksman Rifle
- Fully replaced shooting sound

* Missile Launcher
-Completely replaced the sound of shooting.
- The sound effects of the missile guidance system were also completely replaced and supplemented.

*Assault rifle
- Completely replaced the sounds of shooting, including the grenade launcher.

* Volt Rifle
-Full replacement of the effect of alternative fire for weapons: from charging and firing, to the cancellation of the charge. These changes do not affect the sounds of shells.

* Railgun
- The reverb problem for railgun is finally solved. It seems that everything should work well.

As you have already noticed, the amount of content has increased and, despite my personal plans for developing the project at the moment, I want to know in which direction I should continue to improve sound effects, and which ones should I change to enjoy the game more pleasantly? Or maybe you want something more? I am waiting for your suggestions, because everything depends on you ...

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