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Problem on installing the game


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While ago i mentioned when the installation of the game stopped 99,6 % , i had to shutdown and start the download from begining. 

Well i tried again installing the game has "admistrator" and for some reason, it showed that the installlation wasnt responding.

I would like to play this game but still i cant find a way to fullfill instalation.

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Hello Gaby and welcome back to Renegade-X.
I want to help you with this.

It sounds like a file is being blocked somehow.
Possibly being a false positive by your antivirus, on a Renegade-X binary or DLL-file.

To troubleshoot this, follow the following steps:
- Reboot your computer
- Pause/disable all running antivirus and anti-malware programs that you have installed
If you don't have a 3rd party virusscanner, then disable Windows Defender
- Run launcher with Administrator rights
- Carefully observe and note what happens; be genuinely curious about it

If still nothing is happening after 5 minutes, close the Launcher and reenable all your security software again.
The clue that we're going to need is in the Launcher's logs.

Navigate to C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\Renegade-X Launcher.
There will be several log files, with timestamps as the file names.
Find the most recent one, and upload that to this topic so that we can have a look.

While we're at it, also grab yourself a copy of the Windows Event Viewer log by doing the following:
- Windows 10: Right-click the Start button and select "Event Viewer" (Older Windows: Start -> Run -> type "eventvwr" press Enter)
- Expand "Windows Logs" and select "Application"
- Now open the "Action" menu and click "Save All Events As".
- Save the file somewhere and then upload.

There will be *some* meta-data in the latter log, about what programs you are using on your computer.
If this is privacy-sensitive to you, then instead of uploading it to this public forum topic you can also send it to me by PM or email: [email protected]


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