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[Mutator/Mod] GDI LAV - Bonus Crate drop tank


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compiled by HiHiHi  (thanks!), and directory assistance given by Ryz. (thanks!)

This mutator contains a new tank for servers wanting to add extra content for there games.



Tank Stats:

Health:  400
Speed:  slightly faster then nod apc
Primary Weapon: 20mm autocannon with 12 round magazine (14 at heroic)
Secondary Weapon:  Spike ATGM (2 round clip. 3 heroic)  (unguided)
Size: Similar to  nod APC (slightly smaller)

Apperance rate:  same as the Bradley


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Downloads for this mod are listed below.

To install, simply drag and drop.  note this mutator was designed based on a vanilla install of the game.


Will also attach the source files for the mutator for any interested.

GDI LAV mutator Src.zip


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after 2 days testing, fixed the UI and sound issues plaguing the vehicle.

The corrected file will be attached to this post.  simply replace the file with the one in this post, and it should fix the UI and sound issues.


with this patch, the superloud firing sounds will be replaced with default ingame sounds for now(adjusting previous custom sounds to not cause earbleed).  the games UI will now display "Light Assault Vehicle" instead of "Vehicle" when looking at it.

Also, a slight health buff was given to the vehicle:  400->425.  this is after some feedback of the fragility of the vehicle.

Edited by iridesence
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