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Newbie Questions

Guest once upon the time

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Guest once upon the time

Hi all,

I don't know if this kind of Topic still exist (did not find one) 😉.

Sometimes it is hard for Newbies to get answers of questions about the gameplay, because on a full server everyone wants to win 🙂.

This Topic could be used from Newbies to ask questions about the gameplay, and experienced player could answer the Questions. 

Newbies have normal questions about different things of the game,  like Tanks and Chars and so on.

Here you can ask ppl and i believe (this community is normal very friendly 😃), you will get  answers of your Questions.

For the Newbies

Don't be shy we all was Newbies, ask and don't  give up . Renegade X is a nice game. 

For expirienced ppl:

Please  informe the new player that a Forum exist 🤣 and that they could ask questions .





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