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Flares or Chaff for Attack helicopters

Eagle XI

Should Apache/Orca gain ZH style Flares ?  

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  1. 1. Should Apache/Orca gain ZH style Flares ?

    • yes
    • yes

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Once more than one rocket locks on, the flyer is toast, generally. I can suggest adding Flares like in Gen Zh as an actively used ability for them. The transport copter wouldnt get any for obvious reasons.

Flares could probably use system similar to recharging grenades. Use it then wait for cd, higher rank = faster cd.

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what about ramjets? lasers? tac rifles?  PICs? railguns?  all these are more of a pain to fight in an attack craft then a standard rocket soldiers, as they are usually instant hits which make it nearly impossible to dodge.


in the old Ren game ramjets were often used as a counter to attack aircraft from my experience.

fact of the matter is i think the attack aircraft are too flimsy as they are atm.  they have to expose themselves greatly to attack, which leaves them open to fire from anything, and with such weak armor they get shredded by adv infantry with half a brain in no time flat.


they are useful in some situations, but more often then not your better off taking a light tank/medium or artillery of some sort.

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