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Enabling mouse acceleration?


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I'm very much used to old fps like Halo PC and old HL2 (before the semi-recent update that changed input options for accel etc), where there was always like a 30% or something accel on aiming.

Without accel, my options are:

A) High Sensitivity
-can look around snappy like a bird, checking corners, my 6, different angles etc.
-can't aim at heads or distant peoples easily, mouse is jittery, i'm always popping back and forth overshooting heads and stuff
-jerking around trying to follow moving targets

B) Low Sensitivity
-can aim sharply and precisely, snipe heads no problem without ads or scope
-can't 180 without flinging my mouse across my entire mousepad
-jerking around trying to follow moving targets

C) Medium Sensitivity
-half-bad at everything

With accel, none of that matters:

-can keep head on a swivel, snapping around checking stuff like a bird
-able to snap and land crosshairs on very tiny targets effortlessly
-able to follow moving targets pretty much as good as an aimbot would
-can for example, make a really snappy 180, then slow down gracefully to land on a target as small as 2 pixels with minimal effort and within less than like 100ms for the whole action

That's my reasoning, now i've screwed with UDKInput.ini a ton...

>not what i want, bad, should stay false always (unless your mouse is an utter piece of garbage):

>doesn't do anything:
LookRightScale=<any number>
LookUpScale=<any number>

>also tried screwing with these, no effect:
Bindings=(Name="LookUp",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=+250.0 AbsoluteAxis=0")
Bindings=(Name="LookDown",Command="Axis aLookUp Speed=-250.0 AbsoluteAxis=0")
Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnLeft",Command="Axis aBaseX Speed=-2000.0 AbsoluteAxis=0")
Bindings=(Name="GBA_TurnRight",Command="Axis aBaseX  Speed=+2000.0 AbsoluteAxis=0")

Is there something more i'm unaware of? Is this something hard-coded into RenX?  In all honesty, i've always hated the way Unreal Engine handles the mouse, and for years have been wanting it to behave responsively and naturally but i just can't get it to... Can anyone help me out?

I'm well aware there is a lot of hate on acceleration around the internet, but most people just never played it where it was done right, or never gave it much chance or chose to adapt to it's increased skill requirement, but also a lot of benefit.

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Smoothing changes a lot, but i've tried disabling, enabling, changing values, they don't seem to do a thing.  All i have is flat-rate input, which is better than floaty inverted acceleration that moves faster with slower mouse movement which is the bs i was getting originally, but it's still not tight and responsive.

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