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Client Crashed (I think by all players)


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Hi People,

I was on my Server and my Client Crashed. I think I was not the only one. There are ~25Players online on my Server and I check my Server and there was only 5 Players online on it after my client Crashed... I think by all Players the Client Crashed too. There was no Server Crash...

This is very bad! Can you check please? Do you need the Server Logs too?




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Guest once upon the time

I think or I'am sure we all get this error xD. I was playing too, but I know from the old Betas that Mesa like to do it (not everytime).

On walls the harvester stuck on GDI side too. Good old Renegade time:D.

It was nice to play it after a long time again.



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Hi MVN050,

Thanks for the logs!

Unfortuantly I cant tell this time what directly cause the crash.

That been said, the team have been on a bug fixing rampage, and alot of the errors that are showing up in the log should disaapear in the next release. That will lead to a more stable game overall.

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