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Not A Ragequit


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What exactly constitutes a rage quit? I see people saying things in game chat, like "shame half of GDI rage quit." Well yeah, I guess if one team is kicking butt left and right and the other team is losing and several people quit at once than yes, that could be a rage quit. But other times I see "shame some people rage quit" and it's like 3 or less that quit. Hmm, but is it always a rage quit? No. See, while someone may quit within a few minutes after a building loss, they might have to leave anyway due to a real life issue. Take me for example, in a recent match my team's refinery died and I happened to check the time, bingo, a few minutes later would be 4:00 sharp, I had to be somewhere important around that time.

You might have to leave at any point for a real life duty (this happens more often than you may think). If you are playing a video game such as RenX or Call of Duty, someone who lives with you may notice this and need some help; they might say to you "please help me with this project or task at hand" and right then & there you MUST turn off the video game to help out (this happened to me before at least twice, such as helping unload a truckload of groceries or heavy furniture). If you're chilling out playing video games, expect friends, family, neighbors and bosses to ask you to get off the game and do something important at any given millisecond of the day; I am a community service worker AT WILL (I respond to other people's needs whenever & wherever they request assistance) who is used to this and you might need to get used to this as well.

You probably remember that one topic where I planted a nuke and I was called to the dinner table one second right afterwards. Or sometimes I'll be mining up a base and I immediately leave a game without notice. And sometimes, my team has lost a building and shortly after I need a bathroom break AND an eyeball break as well (rage quit my butt) so I'm gone from my computer for at least 5-10 minutes. No AFK issues here on my end.

We as a RenX community need to stop pointing fingers and saying "lol rage quit" when rage is not a factor AT ALL at some times, so we really shouldn't make assumptions. I once said in a match "# rage quit" when I noticed enemy players quitting when we destroyed their buildings, this is not to say they were or weren't rage quitting (it could have gone either way) as they may have left for real life issues. I want to apologize to anyone I may have annoyed with that possibly false comment I made that day.

Now, let's look at some various factors. If in RenX a team loses a building or an important entity (like SBH spy or Patch spy) and several people quit in rapid succession, then yes, it could be rage quit. But otherwise, if a person here & there quit at any random interval, or they lose a building and quit shortly thereafter the reason for quitting could be because they weren't having any fun anyway to begin with (or had something better/with priority to do than play a video game). If seemingly at random, it could be for a real life priority as already mentioned or because their power went out or their Internet connection went out.

Some people do admittedly rage quit from games (lol, I might make a separate topic on video gamer rage) when they lose a video game match (or during a campaign attempt) or even get killed just once period during a multiplayer match. OmegaSentinel on the GameFAQs Current Events board said he played through a long term campaign (Halo on Legendary setting maybe) where everything is very tough, the simple factor of death is probably around every corner and checkpoints are extremely sparse, as in little to none. Well, he didn't get to save progress in a long while and something unpleasantly surprisingly killed him. ALL. HIS. RAGE. LOL. So yeah, a very good example of rage quit right there.

All in all, let's not jump to rage quit assumption during any video game when the possibility of a rage quit is a possible straw man.

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