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[Tool]RypelCam v1.2 (Enhances Replays)


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RypelCam v1.2 (Enhances Replays)

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- Added display of hitmarkers when hud and crosshair is on (only works for direct hit, not for splahdamage)
- Added 'boink' sound when spectating players or vehicles
- 'w' button functionality switched to 'v' so that it doesent interfere with using w for moving the freeroam camera
- When spectating a vehicle the camera now follows the looking/turret direction instead of needing you to rotate the camera manually
  (for manual control, as with players, hit 'L')


Additional Tool included that creates an interactive graph of Player Score/VP progression for a demo:

How to:
- Open a demo with RypelCam loaded and press the 'E' key to start recording player data. Data will be recorded every 5 seconds.
- After that copy the logfile from UDKGame\Logs into the folder of PlayerperformanceGraph.jar and rename it to "ToAnalyze.log" (an example ToAnalyze.log is provided)
- Doubleclick PlayerperformanceGraph.jar and it should open a Graph for GDI and one for Nod. If it doesent install Java 1.8 first.

- Hover the mouse over a point in the graph to display kills/deaths and the current frame for that point in time
- Click one of a player points to highlight all their points (so that you can focus on one players performance and so that moving the mouse over other player player data wont interfere)
- Click playernames at the bottom to change between displaying Points and VP or just VP

So hovering over a specific point in the graph shows you the frame number. To goto that frame in a demo open the console/chat while the demo plays and type "seekToFrame X Y" with X beeing the framenumber
and Y beeing the fastforward speed you wanna use (someting like 10 is recommended, depends on your hardware).

Examples of GDI and Nod performance from the August 20th PUG match on Walls:




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