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Build with UDK has stopped working


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Been trying to get Renegade X to run for some time now with no success. Managed to get the latest version installed thanks to Agent, but can't seen the get the game running. Whenever I try joining a game I'll get a black screen for a bit and then it crashed saying 'Build with UDK has stopped working'.

Attached the log files to assist with working out what the problem is.

My system information is the following:

Windows Vista Home Premium

Dell Inspiron I1720

Intel Core 2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66 Ghz 

1022 MB RAM

32 bit operating system

My PC is around 8-10 years old so is running a little slow but still manages to run Renegade so hoping to get this working too. Any help is much appreciated.


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Thanks for your quick reply Agent.

It might be a long shot but I know it's possible to run Windows on a Mac - would it be possible to do this and then play Renegade X?

If not then I'll be buying a new PC to play this haha. Where can I find the minimum system requirements?

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