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Timer until game starts


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I would like to suggest to implement a break period of 30-60 seconds between matches. This would solve the issue, where clients with less horsepower or poor internet connection need longer to load the map while the game will be running without all players ready to start. The problem becomes worse, if those "slowloaders" are put in one team. I experienced some matches where this in my opinion pretty much spoiled the early game. Also, this would enable players to have a very small break to satisfy human needs (think of long lasting marathon matches) without having to quit or become an undesired AFK player.

Cheers! :cool:

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  • Totem Arts Staff

This is set at Server Level.

The owner is capable of determining the time for the wait, under a config called: NetWaitTime

This defaults to 20 seconds, but during the PUG game, we have it set to 60 seconds. So it is easy to change.

I have bumped this up to 30 seconds on CT for a short while to see if this makes a difference

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