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Probably one of the greatest whiteout games i've ever played, no hon, strip heavily damaged, 2 stanks and an SBH did magic and destroyed the bar and wf simultaneously

Yeah, really wp :D I was expecting a stank rush since this was Nod's only chance to turn the game around, but I thought I will snipe some more special characters first and patrol for stanks later... proved to be too late.

Honestly, you got lucky with that SBH nuking WF at the same time as you stank rushed. But fair play to him, he kept that SBH for about 15 or so minutes after losing HoN and if he was sitting by our WF all this time waiting for an opportunity to nuke, then really wp by him. At the same time, we also probably got lucky with killing the HoN - was killed solo by a guy whose name I didn't see before.

That game also proved that comm center is not only op, but also imbalanced, since it favours Nod. We as GDI couldn't do anything when you were controlling it, while you could still successfully rush.

GG :D Whiteout often produces some really good games. A good, dynamic map when the teams are balanced.

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