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Planetside 2 - Construction System


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Maybe some of you guys still remember Planetside 2 - a MMO-FPS that also featured some strategic components around territorial control and resources.

I myself played the beta back in the days, but I haven't played it in a while now. Some battles were really intense and epic (hundreds of players fighting over some meters of land) - others just boring and stalematy, especially since later patches narrowed the possibilities to circumvent frontlines, and break stalemates...

However, I just found out that a base-building update was recently released:


You can harvest minerals (Cortium, not Tiberium of course^^) which can be stored in Silos, and can then be used to construct bases (walls, bunkers, turrets, shield generators etc.) and to power "victory point generators" and other structures.


Unfortunately, I cannot check it out myself now - my laptop would die - but I found it inspiring how such a big franchise incorporated such a huge change of gameplay mechanics (before that you could only capture preset bases which would generate (different?) resources to buy vehicles and upgrades).

Perhaps, some of you also feel inspired that RenX might eventually explore new grounds and go beyond its current limits ;)

Just a thought... :rolleyes:

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