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This could/should be Ren-X...


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Yep, I know the galaxy in turmoil, but still a long way to go for that development team. By the way this is a very good point Yagi. I have wrote my thesis about the abstraction and the usage of collective memory in movie production design, and I had a segment in which I was examined the possible changes in future production processes. To cut the story short, there is a contemporary movement, which is the democratisation of the the desing processes. We all know the so called waterfall model, which is very hierarchical, but for years this was the only way for production companies to get together various artists and professionals. Because the abstraction of an idea is in fact the 'damaging' of the message. If I commission 5 people to develop a film segment, 5 men interpret my idea in five different ways. Hence the strict methodology of the industry. But in the later years, another technique has emerged.

Some examples: Youtube symphony orchestra, whereas musicians applied with uploaded videos for the ensemble work, from all around the world. Or the 'Star Wars Uncut', or 'Our Robocop movie' where a few seconds or minutes were shot by various groups, and they sent their film segments to the directors to edit them together in order to create a remake of those films.

I could mention Renegade x too, as a more democratic approach of production process.

And the democratisation can be seen in the publishing too. Just think about Stream, or torrent files. Big publishers really need to change with the new era! Although I must say, the efficiency of the hierarchy is still unchallenged in big productions. The second way is a nice touch, and can be important in later years when we will have better imaging AI.

So Yagi, I am rooting for you!

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