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AGT and the Obelisk sometimes ignore you


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So I was playing on the CT marathon server on Mesa, I was a hotwire and the Obelisk was active, and I managed to walk all the way to Nod refinery, entering from the vehicle area on silo side. I was sticking to the edge of the map/the wall at Nod base and the Obelisk didn't even charge.

I couldn't believe it was possible, so I launched skirmish and tried doing this again - the Obelisk zapped me immediately when I came too close.

The same thing happened the other day on Eyes. The front guard tower of GDI was destroyed (but the AGT was active), so I bought a technician and walked into the GDI base from the front gate, then went around the barracks and to the PP. The AGT ignored me completely, at one point I was just standing and looking at it.

Once again I tried to repeat this on skirmish mode, but AGT shot me instantly when I showed up in the gate.

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This bug is the sole reason why base defense maps are far more tolerable to play now. People need to be aware of their surroundings and not let the base defenses do the work for them. OB and AGT still do their jobs against tanks and stealth units, and players need to be more aware of infantry plays.

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