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How to add/remove verhicles to/from vehicle purchase menu?


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How can i add/remove vehicles (tiberian sun ones to be exact) to/from the vehicle purchase menu?

Can i do it through kismet? Do i need a mutator? any tips are appreciated cause i have no idea how to proceed.

Also do we have icons for titan, wolverine, hover mrls etc. or do i need to make the icons too? (any psd templates available?)

P.S I'm working on a map and hopefully it'll be ready in less than a month if life doesn't go south.

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You can't edit the purchase terminal menu unfortunately.

The purchase terminal is a flash file, a .swf

If you want to have a custom purchase terminal menu you'd have to take the original flash file, edit it, redo the logic and the icons and then put it back into the game in your own package. To open it, you'd have to "open GFx movie" via kismet.

So yeah, it's kinda tricky.

The way I do it (and some other mappers) is just by using a trigger where you can press E upon, to spawn a vehicle using a vehicle actor factory in kismet. See Crash Site for examples and Beach Head and Cliffside.

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