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[5.15] Sound Issues

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I've been having an odd sound problem since I patched about two days ago. Most of the sounds work fine, but there are a couple that won't work no matter how much I fiddle with the sound sliders. These are weapon sounds(infantry and vehicle, not sure about beacons), and menu button sounds(main menu and all in-game ones). Also to note, though this isn't sound-related, is that all the mystery boxes give out TS vehicles. I don't know if I did something wrong while manually patching(I can't use the launcher to patch due to my internet), or if it's just a simple glitch.

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Regarding the Tiberium Sun crates they are and can be set server side so it really does depend on which server you choose to join, I know the CT servers have a very low chance on Tiberium Sun vehicles but other may have increased this.

As for the sound issues I have to admit I have has this a couple of times since the patch and I have had the issue before the patch, not sure what could be causing this but will try to find out what I can as can be abit annoying.

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Thanks. It can definitely be annoying. Thankfully it doesn't make the game unplayable, but it's still an annoyance. As for the boxes, it's actually in the singleplayer mode that I've noticed it, and it happens everywhere, even in places it shouldn't. Such as the middle courtyard on Walls or the tunnels on Volcano.

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