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Original Mammoth Tank Characteristics


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I recently reinstalled the original Renegade from my copy of The First Decade and played through the campaign again just for fun. I noticed that the mammoth tank in the original Renegade differs from the one in RenX in a few ways:

1) the weapons reload much faster

You can keep up a steady stream of fire, unlike the mammoth in RenX which is more bursty but leaves you waiting for the next reload

2) you cannot fire both rockets and cannon at once

3) the rocket has a much shorter range compared to RenX but has a wide area of effect

Was useful against infantry near the tank

My question is, would going back to the old mammoth tank mechanics help improve the current weaknesses of the mammoth tank in RenX? Having a steady stream of fire would help against nimble targets, while having short range but high aoe damage rockets would be useful against infantry, which are currently difficult to deal with for a mammoth tank.

The current mammoth tank in RenX doesn't quite seem to be worth the cost imo, which is what prompted me to post this.

Thoughts, anyone?

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Mammys will be buffed again in the next patch. They're going to be a bit faster and they're going to have full health regeneration. We'll see how this goes first and make any necessary changes from there, as mammy rushes will likely now be a thing in a GDI late game.

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