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Nuke glitched in wall in Field


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Hi there,

When a Nuke is placed near the protective barrier of the GDI Refinery in Field, it can get stuck inside the wall. Only when the timer hits 10 the Nuke will pop out and become visible.

A player by the name of "[CT] Box of Nod" abused this glitch deliberately, resulting in nearly 40% of the players immediately leaving the server.

Please try and get a fix on this. It's very annoying to be defenseless against Nukes.

Br, James

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You ran right past it while the rest of your team was trying to disarm. It was right next to the ref silo, out in the open. Since Beta 2 it is no longer possible to plant nukes inside the Refinery meshes.

You do realize that the whole point of a bug is that something happens, which is not supposed to happen...

I'm here to report that bug. Maybe it can help the developers improve the game.

Besides that, it would be nice if you could stop abusing the bug. It's not helping ;)


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The devs have no idea what you're talking about, and nor do I. Unless you can reproduce this, get some pictures of it, and post the instructions on how to "make beacons disappear and reappear at ten seconds", there's not much they can do.

It's quite pathetic how you're trying desperately to defend yourself here. But it's not my problem. I cannot reproduce this by myself as I do not know how to do it. I could ask you to abuse the bug once more, but that you wouldn't agree with.

It's very simple, just read my post again. Even a child could understand what I'm talking about here and how the situation was. So even though you can't, I assume the clever developers can.

I have no credibility in this game. When it first released I was very disappointed so I quit within a week. Now I've returned to taste some of that sweet nostalgia and it was very good. But now it's time to quit and move on :)

For all I'm concerned, I've put over 2000 hours in C&C Renegade and was one of the best. I'm here to try and help. Take it or leave it, not my game, not my server, not my problem :)

Have fun!

Br, James

Edit: I forgot to mention that I used to be a moderator. You should be here to help people, not to ruin their gameplay experience and ignore their questions. It really surprised me when you told me you're a mod, it goes to show that the original playerbase from C&C is completely gone, unfortunately.

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Dear james, what you are describing makes no sense. I've been around since beta 1 and never heard of anything like you've said. Glitched nukes are very possible in some spots, but I've never seen or heard of one "moving". Personally I have no idea how a nuke would reappear at 10 seconds. Getting stuck in a wall? Possible. Only appearing at 10 seconds? Unlikely.

As for most of the original renegade player base being gone...uhh...I would say 90% of renx players played the original. You should stick around more before making judgments like that.

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If you see something like this pls make a Screenshot (f9) or post information at what time it happened and on what map and one might be able to find the replay of it as CT keeps replays of every match.

But you came here with nothing. If you see something you want to report ... pls just hit f9 and imagine how much more helpfull such a screenshot would be to clear the situation.

Though i already updated beacon placing for the next patch, so that it should become quite impossible to put beacons into building geometry and into tiny cracks. This should hopefully end discussions about glitch beacons. The next patch is expected within a week or two.

And btw: CampinJeff was the one who insisted that we look into beacon placing once more. It was his thread in the mod section that resulted in us giving the problem a high priority again.

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