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Downloaded Game not working


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So i went to the Download page and DL it and when i click it nothing happens is this a mod folder or something for another program or am i doing something wrong i really wanna play this, I have been playing C&C Games since i was a child i remember when the first one came out :)

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Sorry for the delay. But, you should download it, and it should require install, then update. What was the name of the file you downloaded and clicked on, the one that didn't do anything?

It should be something like "RenegadeX-Open Beta 5F.exe", and it should install a folder, with RenX, a default UDK archetype with one additional folder called "Launcher", which has RenegadeX Launcher.exe.

RenegadeX Launcher should open, with server listings, as well as ask you to update to 5.14 which you should. Once successfully updated, you should just be able to open the game, or select a server and click join.

Let me know which of these .exe are not responding to you.

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