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Get Renegade x to steam!


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Hey all, Now I really don't know anything about the site, honstly, this is my 1st time logging in, I played renegade x for a bit, but please! it would be awsome to get it to steam! its a nice game, plus downloading it from there is easyer, and honstly I may not answer to comments or read them aswell, Thanks, bye! :):D

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Thanks for your kind words! But it's still uncertain whether the game can actually be put on Steam without getting sued by EA. The developers have gotten special permission to create this game from EA, but it's not sure whether we can put it on Steam aswell, and they seem to have trouble contacting the right people about this.

Either way, i think putting this game on Steam would be pretty sweet and i personally would do it but i feel like the game should be made ready more first before we start putting ourselves in an 'unfamiliar' market with unfamiliar faces.

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