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Autoreload snipers


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Some glitches, like getting stuck in scope while reload, is pretty bad, but UDK based and not entirely a lot can be done about that. At most, possibly add a check at start of reload to do a series of things like turn rmb-zoom off then proceed.

Some glitches, like not reloading as long as you don't unzoom and don't press reload, are also glitches in Planetside2 for some reason. Idk, should check for "is out of ammo" between each shot and if yes then begin reload.

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I have encountered a problem which maybe a part of this autoreload glitch: quite sometimes while emptying your mag in primary fire, your gun "jams" at the very last bullet/eneregy cell/ grenade whatever. Deal is, the only way to reload your firearm is to hit the secondary fire, thus "clearing the chamber". Occured to me at least with Sakura, Mcfarlan, Patch. These are the ones I can surely remember of. I have never seen this bug in pre 5.11-5.12 versions. Very annyoing in the heat of battle. Or is it my mouse suddenly giving up?

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