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Originally I wanted to make this doc private, but I think it's best if I get opinions from the players themselves.

After some discussion with other RenX vets, this is what we came up with concerning balance. There's still things out there that need some change, so if you have anything in mind, just say so.

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Lakeside - connect the two refinery side cliffs with a rope bridge creating an extra base infantry route.

Beacons/Airstrikes - I always liked the idea that these weren't affected by price increases. You're almost guaranteeing a team will lose once their power is gone. Perhaps something less than double if it must be implemented.

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The issues presented in this balance list are, more or less, being discussed and worked on to become addressed.

It may be in a creative and different way than proposed. Creative in the sense of possibly "more and deeper gameplay mechanics".

No guarantee how exactly since it hasn't been guaranteed to become a reality quite yet. Just WIP and Discussion so far. However, there are at least 3 ideas and 1 coding effort that pretty much all address most of these issues in a way that mixes up the gameplay issues of:

1) too many classes

2) too few "real options" of classes

3) the "real" options are "free/350-engis" and "500-sniper", because they do the only important functions

I personally agree, regardless of which idea, an idea to change gameplay might be better than one on balance due to the utility of the classes being both "necessary" and "all you need", mainly "repair" and "kill enemy repair-men*".

*...and repair-women

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Hello! Thank you for sharing the list! I have been playing Renegade X for months now it has become one of my favourite game and I would like to share my thougts.

I am againts the seemingly continuous nerfing of weapons. So nerfing down deadly weapons is the only way? Balancing would be to define strongpoints and weakpoints for the opposing forces. Like rock-paper scissor is the ultimately balanced game. No action is the weakest, every weapon has advantages over something and disadvantages against others. And luck of course.

-I just fear, nerfing weapons gives uneven chances and can irritate players. It has happened so many times, with a marksman I spot and shot a recless Havoc, standing in plain sight. I fire at him, after 2 or 3 definite headshots he is still standing and he returns fire, killing me with one shot. I reveal my position with nerf guns, I worth half as much as special classes, not just financially. Who likes to play shooter games, with weak rifles? Headshot should be a critical damage caused by every rifle.

-Here are my examples: nerfing down sometimes is the best choice, but you have to give something in return. Hottie-Tech-Engineer classes are truly much more usable equiped with tiberium weapons, yet you haven't figured out a class to counter the abalities of said specialists. Yes, engineer repair gun is weaker, but what if? Take away their capability to heal players, and give medic role to the shotgunner or even better, to Mcfarland. Thus this render him much more valuable, and players cannot rush forward into close combat with the shotgunners.

-Give a purpose to every classes, and define some weaknesses for every one of them! For example the Officer is a good support gunner, so give the officer a backpack, from which he can give ammo to other players. Or just slow him down into semi-walking speed when he is firing his minigun continuously. Or make him able to deploy his minigun into an irreversible stationary object with limited ammo, which can be used by every player. Not the best idea, but this is something which makes him useful, special, but weak against sharpshooters. Officer_backpack.jpg

- Give night vison googles to Patch and Laser gunner, which are useful in dark, but they can be blinded with the blast of a grenade.

These were just plain examples to illustrate my point of view.

-Bottom line: give and take. But please don't nerf down the guns beyond a point. This is a shooter game so reward the good gunslingers, whom can hit the sitting fly on the top of your head from a great distance.

Thank you for reading this, I know developing a game is a big effort, yet you took the time to read my opinion. We will meet on the battlefield, so you can shoot me for my big mouth. Or for the not too good english:)

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