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Sniper exploit, zoom bug


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I found these two exploits/bugs in the game

full youtube link if your scared of the shortened one or something

Someone on a server told me i could get 50$ for reporting those

Is this true?

If that is true, then i can gladly go for a expoit hunt in the game, maybe even for 20$

The first exploit is achived by using an autoclicker which improves the firing speed

I think it also affects other semi-automatic weapons, but the difference isnt that huge when using pistols

The second bug is achived by not having any ammo, and zooming in

This is on version 5.003

If anyone wants to know, the autoclicker was set on 15 ms / click which is a lot faster than anyone can click

EDIT: I tried it with silent pistol using 1ms, and it shot a lot faster than normal, also re-tried it with the sniper and it shot a little bit faster than 15 MS

(I did not test this online though, because i dont want to be banned, so i did it offline against bots)

Although it should be noted that with 1ms delay your mouse is immobile when you shoot

EDIT2: found some other bugs, like if your playing GDI on the map "canyon" the digger will run over the vehicles you make, although that is offtopic i thought i should share it with you, although its probably already known

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Not defending or something but seems fishy.

You seem to hold back on the demo on shooting with a marksmen, I usually spam my mouse like that? and when you shot and stated autoclick off why is that you seem to be shooting by slowly clicking? Kinda feels like it, anyway just my observation.

Zoom with no ammo left is a bug, usually happens to me, and it's frucking annoying, you either need to die or change class, which is annoying specially when your focus on killing the other guy and you run out of ammo and you right click. It's like a magnified floating arm thingy when your gun is out of ammo and you changed weapon.

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