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How did multiple UDKs/RenXs open during mid-game?


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September 30, sometime around 5:20. I'm on team Nod and we have all buildings while GDI only has a Power Plant left, on xMountain on a DDoS proof server. I'm an Engineer and go to a PCT to buy an SBH, as soon as I access the terminal my computer monitor goes black and eventually to the desktop. Now there are 3 different UDKs/RenXs open on the taskbar, so I use Task Manager to terminate them as they jam up the RAM. I had to check on my laundry anyway, so I just stayed off the game.

Was this a more sophisticated & improved DDoS attack? If so, LOL at the sore loser on GDI who may have sent it to us Noddies. It wouldn't surprise me if the DDoS guy/girl got better at hacking such attacks into RenX servers.

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