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16:10 bug before match start

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Not sure if anyone else noticed it, but when using a 16:10 resolution (such as 1920x1200) the Interface before the match start is bugged. If i set my resolution to a 16:9 one such as 1920x1080 the interface it is back to normal.

I believe it is like that since the feature has been included. (Beta 3, i think)

Not really bad, but if it is fixable without too much trouble, it would be great....


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I have this same issue on 1280x1024.

During warmup the text is off the screen and I can't see people talking. After warmup it is fine.

I have the same issue. Sometimes gets in way of moderating. Once, I literally kicked a wrong person when trying to instead kick a vehicle thief. Felt so bad, donated all my credits despite him keeping his on join.

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I have the same problem, my screen resolution is 1400x1050. It's not a big problem but really annoying when all messages are like cut down to half or at least so much I can't really understand them sometimes. After game starts it's ok.

If enough people complain about it they will hopefully fix it. :D

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