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Try not to block crates from Teammates.


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The other day I was playing a match on GDI and crate patrolling. The crate on the Nod side of the Battlefield on the map Field was (inadvertently?) covered by a teammate's Medium Tank while I was scrambling all around trying to get it, and I had only 7 HP left. I was hoping for a refill, and this went on for at least 5 seconds until he finally got the message. So I get the crate and it's a Recon Bike, I try to get in and return to base to refill HP when all a sudden I get blasted to death by an enemy tank. A teammate said on team radio text "Get in the Vehicle! Recon Bike" so I try to rush back to get the bike. It was taken by somebody else (not much of a big deal to me) so I went crate patrolling some more.

So if you're in a vehicle and at a crate location, try not to prevent teammates from getting the crate; this can be done by being adjacent to the crate but not exactly on top of it and thus allow a teammate to pick it up. Now if you see an enemy soldier try to get a crate, then hampering the enemy is ok. You can then center your vehicle on top or try to block it by other means (like the crate nearest to the silo on XMountain) so you effectively say "denied" to the enemy trooper. But if you ever see a teammate try to obtain the crate you're guarding, please maneuver yourself in a way so they can get it.

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