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Vignette (Corner Darkening)


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I downloaded the game to check it out and it seems like a very interesting take on the original Renegade.

I was pleased to see I could turn off some nasty and ugly effects like motion blur, bloom and post processing (which seems to be color correction and depth of field rolled into one setting, I personally recommend making them separate in future versions).

However then I was struck with something rather annoying and ugly, namely the vignette effect which is darkening the corners of the image.

I immediately took to the config files to see if there was a way to turn it off, but alas I didn't see anything that looked like the setting that controls it. And so I ask, is there any way to disable it through the config files?

If not, can you please add an option to remove it in future versions? As it stands, the game is unplayable to me due to this, almost every single game I know that uses it also allows you to turn it off so I don't see why this isn't the case here. It looks frankly very awful and while it's not so terribly distracting in first person view, in third person it completely ruins the feel of the game.

Mind you original Renegade didn't have such an ugly effect either.

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