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as I put in several hours of gameplay into this wonderful up-to-date version of Renegade, I have encounter many problems and possibly new ideas to improve the game to give it a more outstanding liking than the previous game that was originally release from Westwood studios. Please work with me and understand that this is only a gamers Point-of-view of today's games and the C&C universe.


Awesome for using Unreal Engine into the game, with Ultra settings the game does put more on than the original, However, there are still some issues of the Graphics.

Some Doors on the Buildings appear on the outside work of the Buildings, Such as the front door on the Tib. Refinery.

Some cases of being in FPS, when you shoot and empty the ammo clips, the weapon disappears, and the hands are holding air. Usually switching weapons will reset the Graphic error.

Also, some weapons (such as prox. mines), after tossing, the mine appears back into the players hand, and the reload is working through, slightly confusing the player that the mine is ready to be placed.

Some walls extend a little further from the actual graphical wall itself, making you hit air and not the target intended.

User Interface

Could have the name of the item you're switching to be known, other than 'Picture' of the current weapon in use.

Have Red Indicators of which side you're taking damage from.

Include an beacon on the minimap to where the Superweapon has been set.

Have Red dots appear on Minimap when an enemy player have shot a non-silenced weapon.

Instead of using a Circle with bars for your 'Sprint Meter', go with standard Flat Bar to show how much Stamina is left or has been used.

Have a variety of Cross hairs to choose from than the standard stand alone. The shotguns, grenade, and rocket lauchers will stay the same for each is perfectly designed for the weapons.


Some weapons need Increase in damage, and others should be Decreased in damaged.

I.E. the Shotgun should be a dangerous weapon up close in close-range and light from further down range.

In the Purchase Terminal, Should include more Weapons into the Weapon Upgrade Menu, that way the player can choose to be rifleman, and have different rifles to choose from rather than the standard G.I. (government issued), the same if you chose the Shotgun, Engineer, or Marksmen Class. Have each weapon designed with pros and cons to help balance them.

More choices of explosive weapons, different types of Hand grenades and usage, more mines (claymores, bouncing betty's, trip wire, shock mines, etc)

More Tiberium Weapons from the Tib. Silos when capture than the 2 stand alone weapons.

More Side arm weapons than just the 3

Input a melee option. Cause sometimes, being too close or intercepting an enemy should let us melee rather than use bullets.


Simple, Introduce more Vehicles that can be purchase via Purchase Terminal or unlock from Crate (would also consider implementing some crate rewards to be purchase in Terminals).

All vehicles should be able to crush and run over enemy soldiers no matter the speed of the vehicle is. (can't see why the Mammoth pushes the enemy and not crush them like a steamroller).

Include 2nd gunner for vehicles while the drive still have main Gunner.

Balance the vehicles out a bit more, the Flame tanks range is waaaay too op. And some vehicles should be able to shoot further than hitting its stopping point.


As I mention above in "Weapon", I would Consider opening up Weapon upgrades, for the class of players choosing. If rifleman, allow them to purchase other Rifles from Upgrade menu, so they won't have to be stuck with standard, but can still use if low on funds.

Also, would include Demolition Class, cause a rocket laucher would help more with vehicles, than a grenade launcher vs vehicles/building than the grenades dealing damage to vehicles, when they should deal it to infantry.

On the Engineer class, allow them to build Base Defenses. Barb wire fence, sandbags, chainlink fence. (all with limits of total out in use.

Maps & Battle Grounds

Would consider in Increasing the size of the maps to prevent Base rushes from the very start of the game.

Some Area's i would remove the invisible walls, and let players jump over sandbags, but not barbwire. Let flying vehicles to fly over certain mountains or ridges when they have the acceptable height, but no short across map and into enemy base.

Increase more Maps into gameplay.

Allow the players to create their own map and send it in to be judged to help develop more maps for the game.

At the Very moment, that is all I have thought of that would increase the players to enjoy the game a bit more. It may be a lil sloppy, but its late at night when I wrote this up. So as a future calling, please forgive me of any grammatical errors or spelling. But read over and see what you guys think and even opinion the ideas/suggestions to help further increase this game's potential.

Thank you for your time,


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