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Integrate ~"Wait to join" into Launcher

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Very often 1 server is full and another one is filling very slowly. As long as not enough player are there (about 12) gameplay is mostly just boring and i often leave after max. 1 game again. I'm sure that i'm not alone on this. We discussed lounge game modes ingame before, but i came up with a different idea now, which may be easier to implement than other solutions:

Add another column to the launcher which is named "Players waiting". Also add a button for every server with less than 16 people named "wait to join". If you click "wait to join", the total number of waiting people for that server is increased by 1. If it reaches a certain number, say 12, everyone can join. (Either immediately, or after a notification of the launcher =blink like Skype or something)

This way, you can browse the web or do something else and you don't have to AFK on servers waiting for it to fill up.



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Maybe it would be better to have limited actions available. Personally i would like a server option to disable buying beacons & hotwire/tech timed c4 for the first x minutes or till x players are ingame. That way its more fun with lower counts.

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Queueing would discourage filling a new server which is likely better...

But having 12 spectator slots, that auto team change from spectator in order of when joined, to whatever team that lost the person, would technically create a wait for free space

Just to remind everyone, the current best way to join a server when space opens up, is to watch the Irc channel for a "left the game" message.

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