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Ren-X needs a Steel Talons faction


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It's boring playing vanilla factions of GDI vs Nod. Since someone already implemented a Titan and a Hover MLRS, that's enough to bring in a new playable faction into Renegade-X.

Steel Talons shall have the same structures, but mostly different units. Here are the seven great units in Steel Talons:


Wolverine (not implemented yet)

Bulldog (not implemented yet)

Repair APC (not implemented yet)

Hover MLRS

Mammoth Tank

Mastodon (not implemented yet)

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Humor me, but if expanded factions were put into Renegade X, it can possibly be acceptable to do it in the way C&C 3, tiberium wars, did.

What if, players on the same faction/team, GDI and Nod, had subfactions, such as steel talons and dead six and such, that have different unit specialties? Like, they all have the same structures and goal, but one faction can buy advanced versions of infantry, and one can buy advanced versions of vehicles.

Subfactions could either be chosen on game entry, or perhaps purchased as a permanent match upgrade with so many credits at a PT?

Of course Nod would need equivalent, such as Marked Ones and Black Hand.

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