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Beta 4 Suggestions/Opinions List

Guest Sean_T_

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Character-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Gunner - Has been nerfed too much imo. Hardly anyone uses him anymore.

. Gunner - Does less headshot damage than the Rocket Soldier, his headshot damage should be increased in my opinion.

. Characters – They should get blood stains, bruises or torn clothes when they're on low hp.

. Prone - Add prone?


Vehicle-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Transport Helicopter – Its gatling guns have enough force to push back an Apache for example. Why can't other gatling gun units or structures do the same? The Chinook needs its projectile force brought down, or other units need their projectile force pushed up.

. Harvester – There should be a disable/enable harvester vote option for the team. Because when there's an endless siege on Field for example, the defending teams vehicles won't be pushed into the meat grinder outside by the harvester.

. Orca and Apache – Make the the rocket launcher that does 10% to buildings easier to use.

. Orca Fighter – Name it as Orca VTOL Assault Craft? Like in the original C&C Renegade? Or simply name it as Orca.

. Repairable Vehicle Wreckage – Bring it back?


Weapon-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Heavy Pistol – Needs more ammo in my opinion.

. Buyable Tiberium Grenade – Good idea?

. Buyable Incendiary Grenade – Good idea?

. Volt Automatic Rifle – Its rate of fire should be increased in my opinion. It just doesn't seem to be as effective as it was in Beta 3.

. EMP Grenade – Decrease its delayed exploding time.

. Buyable Ammo – Let characters purchase extra ammo for their primary and secondary weapons? Or maybe have a new character that carries around ammo crates or something.


Map-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Volcano – Lava shouldn't kill/destroy you instantly in my opinion. Instead it should set you on fire causing serious damage to your character/vehicle.

. Under – Put a machine gun emplacement in the pillbox. This will make the pillbox area of the map more strategically important.

. Field – The river can destroy vehicles, this shouldn't happen in my opinion.

. Whiteout – Air units tend to get stuck on invisible barriers near the tank trap side routes. These invisible barriers should be removed so that air units don't get caught on them.


Building-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement - Would be good if they could detect stealth units.

. SAM Sites and Anti-Air Towers - Their missiles should do more damage in my opinion.

. Destroyed Refinery - The penalty for losing the refinery should be more severe in my opinion. Instead of 1 credit per second make it like 1 credit per 2 or 3 seconds.

. Destroyed Barracks/HoN – I really like the idea that you can still buy some characters from a destroyed Barracks/HoN. But in my opinion the McFarland and Chemical Trooper should be made unavailable.

. Destroyed Weapons Factory and Airstrip - The vehicle limit should be halved and air and advanced vehicles should be made unavailable after these buildings get destroyed.

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement – Add them on other maps? They could be like neutral emplacements in the centre of the map for example.

. HoN and Airstrip's Glass – Explosive weapons don't shatter the glass enough in my opinion.

. Obelisk of Light – Should be able to do splash damage in my opinion.

. Temple of Nod and Advanced Communications Center/Centre – Add these buildings? Beacons and airstrikes become unavailable if these buildings get destroyed. Good idea?


User Interface-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Enemy Spotted/Q Command – Do you think it would be a good idea if you could spot crates?

. Radar Map - Spies can be revealed on the radar map after they fire or deploy a nuke, ion, airstrike, etc. Maybe they should be shown as a friendly unit on the enemy's radar instead of an enemy unit.

. Radar Map - Units that fire are revealed on the map for a very long time, sometimes permanently. It would be better if they were only revealed for a short time.


Other Suggestions/Opinions

. Airstrikes - Not being able to airstrike near a beacon is silly imo.

. Surrender - If a team surrenders then it should show that they did on the after battle report screen. For example, ''Nod/GDI wins by destroying the enemy base'' to '' Nod/GDI wins by Nod/GDI surrendering.''

. Random Map Select Option – Add this as a voting option on the after battle report screen. Good idea?

. Respawning – Do you think it would be a good idea if you could choose where to respawn?

. Sudden Death Mode – Once time's up all building are unrepairable. Good idea?

. CTF Mode – Good idea?

. Infantry Only Maps – Good idea?

. Points Mode – First team to get 20,000 points for example, wins! Good idea?

. Spies - Base defences fire at spies if they are in a vehicle. I think it would be better if the defences didn't attack them in vehicles, unless they have a non-spy passenger of course. Also if a spy uses a vehicle and then decides to go on foot the defences will sometimes see the spy as an enemy.

. Refill Crate – Should also refill weapons like EMP Grenade, Anti-Tank Mines, etc.

. Spectator Mode – After you die you can spectate the area around you, this should be disabled. Because if you die in the enemy base you can keep an eye on them and rely information back to your team.

. Weapon Crate – Gives your character an extra weapon/explosive. Good idea?

. Footprints and Track/Tire Marks - Good idea?

. Vehicle Airdrop – Air vehicles being airdropped just seems weird. Have air vehicles drop themselves off instead?

. Settings – Have a reset to default settings option?

. Swimming – Swimming and shooting while in/under water looks kind of weird. While firing in/under the water the gun should be pointing forward.

Swimming Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... qmxvxc.jpg

. Crates – Add Initiates, Acolytes, Templars, Visceroids, beacons and Kane to the crates?

. Changing Teams - Players shouldn't be allowed to switch teams, if the teams are even. This will stop teams becoming seriously uneven.

. After Battle Report Screen – Instead of the Nod/GDI win by destroying the enemy base title it should just be Nod/GDI win. Because not all games end in the destruction of a base.

. 64-Player Servers – Bring this back?

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Character-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Gunner - Changed in balance mutator to be stronger against vehicles and structures. Neither rocket launcher is the best choice against infantry, but gunner does 50% to most on a bodyshot.

. Characters – A small dev team, and torn clothes and blood stains are cosmetic-ish. Still agree if someone had time.

. Prone - I would agree more with Leaning left-right than prone, prone really has no place in an arcade shooter. Lean is even kinda cheesy, I just think it would benefit players using cover more opposed to players trying to run circles point blank range while barreltapping.


Vehicle-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Transport Helicopter – Its guns are a wee bit strong for those who know it.

. Harvester – A harvester death has a 30 second respawn delay, to prevent rapid deaths and it obstructing combat, mainly it's own team by blocking them while they try to defend base.

. Orca and Apache – No comment, except that both are different.

. Orca Fighter – I liked both tbh. Orca VTOL Fighter?

. Repairable Vehicle Wreckage – This technically wasn't in original Renegade, this was added with serverside patches. And it's purpose was mainly in balancing snowballing and lacking a vehicle factory on the defense. Airdrops and Sidearms for infantry, instead balance either structure's loss.


Weapon-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Heavy Pistol – Needs a more rapid delivery of a clip's damage, but less damage IMO. It is either a defensive anti-armor weapon, or an emergency one, not a primary.

. Buyable Tiberium Grenade – I like the idea, but might be too good at defending beacon plants. As long as it's tiberium damage, maybe not, but if it were stronger than tiberium poison then it would be too easy to buy 15 seconds of time on a beacon.

. Buyable Incendiary Grenade – Wouldn't these do the same thing ish? Maybe make the tiberium one more expensive and the cloud of poison last longer in a larger area?

. Volt Automatic Rifle – It is weird. It has same damage output, some of the best and flexible and easiest to use damage in the game, and a useful secondary fire to cover what it lacks and be used for utility gimmicks like alpha damage when entering combat with a unit or to finish a distant tank off.

. EMP Grenade – This is also agreed on. Really, a mutator should have already fixed this. I should already have fixed this. I just might try today.

. Buyable Ammo – A backup-ammo item that replaces grenade slot, might be nice. Then again, ammo drops from enemies and better reliability on refill crates, would be better.


Map-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Volcano – I sort of wish there were at least mild dividers to stop accientally hitting lava, vehicles are hard to replace sometimes when that happens accidentally.

. Under – A neutral emplacement would be interesting, and would take some of the shine away from sniping from atop after hardcore-parkour ninja-climbing it

. Field – Agreed...

. Whiteout – I don't notice it, the middle of the map is fair game and the edge of the map (which infantry path is considered off the edge of map) is considered blocked. Maybe taller edge mountains should convey this, but they would seem unnaturally tall and ruin the "view" of the map.


Building-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement - Eh, that sort of ruins Nod's schtick on the one map. Nod is only 56% advantage at most on Whiteout.

. SAM Sites and Anti-Air Towers - Their missiles should be really fast in my opinion as to be neigh unavoidable, maybe fire more often too. Their damage is fine, they definitely discourage being in range of one and actually taking a hit (unless you fly directly against one to get out and c4 it upon destruction)

. Destroyed Refinery - Already does this in new mutator

. Destroyed Barracks/HoN – Idk, I thought this too tbh. I would rather each team get their 500 sniper and their officer/rocketlauncher, than their mcfarland/chem.

. Destroyed Weapons Factory and Airstrip - I can see the vehicle limit perhaps, but really with the mutator's harder economy and 10 minute delays on vehicles, destroying a factory does thin out enemy vehicles down to practically a "basic tanks and humvee/buggy and only 4 at a time"

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement – Like on under in the bunker. Exactly. Would give Nod a slightly easier time on Under.

. HoN and Airstrip's Glass – The glass is bugged. Best to assume it's unbreakable and not shoot in or out of it.

. Obelisk of Light – Oh, it does.

. Temple of Nod and Advanced Communications Center/Centre – Eh, requires total map rework for a mechanic that isn't that important. Each team can win by c4 or tanks 9/10, than with beacon placement. Beacon placements are for sniping structures, or for ending stalemates with a 20 man team sitting inside their own HON.


User Interface-Related Suggestions/Opinions

. Enemy Spotted/Q Command – It would be a good idea to add spotting crates, enemy/allied timed c4, and different alternate commands via spotting.

. Radar Map - I would say, firing a weapon possibly shouldn't because it is hard to say what weapons are suppressed (500 sniper, carbine, pistol, machinepistol, flichette?), but the map does need better icons. Enemy tank icons, enemy infantry icons, flashing if spotted by a teammate and disappears after time.


Other Suggestions/Opinions

. Random Map Select Option – Well the map algorithm is a little better, not allowing so many of the last chosen maps to be reselected and allowing a vote of 4-5 instead of all of them.

. Respawning – Yes I do. Perhaps where you have to press 1-5 to spawn, and the number coordinates with a structure. 1 HoN/Bar, 2 Air/WF, 3 Ref, 4 Adv Base Def., 5 PP.

. Sudden Death Mode – Actually, discussion is going into this about how the game can be modified to have some sort of guaranteed progression, without changing the tank siege and infantry infiltration and attack defense support roles of the current gameplay. Something happening "at this time" really invalidates the actual match and just means that the moment that change occurs is all that matters, so it is being avoided (like base defenses turn off at 40 minutes). Other ideas include buildings only being able to repair 40% damage and any damage done over that is permanent, getting slowly more and more damage based on team score (like a moba but simpler), and slowly choking repair strength as game progresses to get slower.

. CTF Mode – It was one of my favorite Ren game modes for a period of time when I had played. Then again, so was Crazy CTF. Maybe with a large enough playerbase, I should mutate my server into Crazy CTF.

. Infantry Only Maps – Some people are interested in these already. With a mod tool enabled playerbase, this may come soon.

. Points Mode – Interesting alternative to Time Limit, I agree with such a mode and believe it can be modded in on the server level, but it would ultimately be optional if there was ever a successful iteration of a progression mechanic that guaranteed base destruction in a regular 15-40 minute consistency, a la every match reliably ends almost always sometime before 40 minutes, some 15 some 25 some 35 but always ends naturally on it's own in less than 40 minutes.

. Spies - It would be difficult yet possible to code, but perhaps enemies using stolen vehicles, should not automatically be fired on by the base defense, unless they either deal or receive damage. The second they do, base defenses become aware of them.

. Refill Crate – I don't know why a crate would refill a 1 time use weapon that costs. Proxy c4 and timed c4 and remotes, sure. But a refill of any kind doesn't replace airstrikes or beacons for instance, if it did it would be a bit OP.

. Spectator Mode – This is more of a burden to your own team, as you are more useful in the tank wars as extra damage or repair. A lot of teams lose because of inappropriate or uncooperative division of labor.

. Weapon Crate – Possibly.

. Footprints and Track/Tire Marks - Static decals are bugged as intensive to the game framerate, and beside, stealth tanks already kick up dust and this would make them more obvious.

. Vehicle Airdrop – This is only mainly because it was difficult-ish to code. Recreating the entire airdrop code over again, only for air vehicles, just to have them spawn out of map, in air, and follow a special "rolloff node" to land for you at the airdrop destination, is possible. Just a lot of programming effort on a small team.

. Settings – There isn't a reset to default settings option? If not, reinstalls and "delete that config file and start up the launcher" are alternatives.

. Swimming – Swimming is buggy and is being looked at.

. Crates – They are thinking of some goofy crate ideas possibly. So far, from what I understand, Money crates currently are beneficial more to a losing team than a winning one, never negative, never that game changing neither, and less rage inducing. The crates don't have to always be possible theoretically, but instant death crates are enraging and turns players off. Non-lethal punishment crates are ideal, such as crates setting hp to 1, crates removing primary weapon until you go refill, crates causing an EMP effect on the area it was opened. Event crates are interesting, but RNG needs balanced with Competitive so crates likely shouldn't influence a game outcome too much. Someone having "every weapon" would be a bit OP, and both bases defenses going off line could decide the entire outcome of a game. Map wide EMP might or might not (it'd kill some vehicles and disarm all mines for both teams). Crates that grant you a free item like an Airstrike or Beacon are a decent idea and can benefit the losing team more.

. Changing Teams - They already can't, can they?

. After Battle Report Screen – I thought endings via score don't say base destruction. Also, technically remedied with some sort of progression mechanic.

. 64-Player Servers – There are mixed feelings on this one. On one hand, the playerbase isn't big enough to support 2-3 servers if 1 can have 64 players. On another hand, 64 players is often very crowded. It also causes some greater strain with server latency. Overall, 40 played better. Honestly, possibly 48 would play better than 40 or 64. Or 50 or 52. Who knows what the magic number is?

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