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Beta 4 Bugs/Problems List

Guest Sean_T_

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Character-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Officer Spy – Has proximity mines. Please check the image below.

Officer Spy Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ivmtgw.jpg

. Weapon Inside Body – Sometimes a weapon might be inside/through the body of a character. Please check the image below for an example.

Weapon Inside Body Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 7k8tzf.jpg

. Stealth Black Hand – The SBH's gun and other equipment will randomly change colour/texture. This usually happens after using or purchasing a gun, airstrike, EMP Grenade, Anti-Tank Mine, etc.

SBH Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 2vhzyx.jpg

. Stealth Black Hand – My SBH was on red hp and could no longer cloak. So I found a refill crate which restored my hp, but the cloak wouldn't turn back on for some reason.

. Stealth Black Hand - You will lose your airstrike/beacon if you change your character to/from a SBH. Beta 4.02 patch.

. Stealth Black Hand – The SBH's weapons can sometimes be visible in fpv while the SBH is cloaked. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

SBH 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 0bmfto.jpg

. Stealth Black Hand – If you're looking down a scope while the SBH is cloaking/uncloaking you'll see this weird thing. Please check the image below.

SBH 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... kr5bia.jpg

. Hotwire and Technician – Are sometimes able to carry two buyable explosives.

Hotwire and Technician Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... hkctfo.jpg

. Hotwire, Technician and Engineer - Can't repair at their maximum repair range. This might be the same with other units too.

Repair Range Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... brecbt.jpg

. Hotwire, Technician and Engineer - Their repair Guns sometimes get bugged after using anti-tank mines. I've also seen this happen in other circumstances but I can't remember where how or when.

Repair Gun Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... jxfzt5.jpg

. Character Hitbox – Characters can be hit between the head and shoulder.

Character Hitbox Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ay1mvw.jpg

. Character HP – Somehow I survived with 0% hp and 10% armour points.

. Character HP – Sometimes a characters health bar will show a green bar and red numbers. This might be the same for vehicles too.

Character HP Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... eqgezl.jpg

. Armour Bug – If you stand on a tiberium field and get repaired by a friendly unit, your characters armour will increase over its default armour level. I managed to get over 1000+ armour.

. Hotwire, Technician, Engineer, Havoc and Sakura – Can't refill timed/remote c4 or proximity mines after they've been used. This happens quite frequently.

. Sydney and Raveshaw - Their weapons can sometimes stop working for a while after firing a few shots or reloading.

. First Person View – Almost all the characters in fpv have the same skin colour, hands, arms gloves, etc.

. Headshot Animation – Sometimes after being headshotted the body will instantly do a 180 degree turn. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

Headshot Animation Image – http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... hibogh.jpg

. Blown Off Head – After being blown off the body, the head will sometimes have this strange static cloud around it.

Blown Off Head Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 1nxq3h.jpg

. Rocket Soldier - If you fire a locked on missile at the AGT/Obelisk the missile will fire way off target for some reason. I think this could happen with other units like the MRLS for example.

. Characters Equipment – Equipment that's been used up can still be seen on a characters body. For example, after the Technician has used up all of his timed c4, you can still see some timed c4 on his body. Is this correct?

. Getting Hit – Sometimes when you get hit you see blood splatter but no damage has actually been caused to your character.

. Crouched Character – Is immune from headshots from some angles.

. Stealth Black Hand – Can be continuously locked on by Rocket Soldiers if they see the SBH uncloak and then cloak again.

. Hotwire and Technician - After buying/using a buyable weapon, proximity mines can sometimes become unavailable. Happens very rarely.

. Dead Bodies - Some explosive weapons in multiplayer can't blow up dead bodies. For example, a tank shell can blow up a dead body in skirmish, but in multiplayer it can't.

. Dead Bodies – Don't bleed or move if they're being shot at. For example, if you shoot a dead body in skirmish it will bleed and move across the floor, but in multiplayer it won't do anything.

. Dead Bodies – Sometimes fall out of the map.

. Entering a Vehicle - Sometimes can't enter a vehicle if there is timed/remote c4 or mines on your character.

. Slow Walking – If you click alt fire while moving, your character will do this weird slow walk. This happens with the Soldier, Shotgunner, Marksman, etc. Multiplayer only.

. Characters Grip – Some characters don't grip their weapons very well. One example of this would be the Rocket Soldier.

Characters Grip Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... urgfug.jpg

. Changing Character - Will sometimes show what the last character had on its loadouts. For example, changing from a Hotwire to a Soldier you will see the Hotwire's proximity mines on the Soldier's loadouts. Happens very rarely now.

. Wiggly Arms - Usually happens while reloading. Please check the image below.

Wiggly Arms Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... h8tvyy.jpg

. Floating Arms - Floating arms above a character.

Floating Arms - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ucazew.jpg


Vehicle-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Locked Vehicle Bug - You can't lock a stolen enemy vehicle, if it has already been locked by an enemy player.

. Nod's Transport Helicopter – The gatling gun on the right side of the Chinook doesn't spin while it fires.

. Transport Helicopter - Spelling correction from Gattling Gun to Gatling Gun in its description on the vehicle select screen and while using the gun in the bottom right of the screen.

. Transport Helicopter – You can hear and see the bullets of the gatling guns if you're using them yourself, but you won't be able to hear or see anything if other players are using them. And you can't see the guns visually moving if someone is using them.

. Mobile Artillery – The fans on top of the Mobile Artillery will pop out if its at a steep angle.

Mobile Artillery Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... agiu1o.jpg

. Tick Tank - Doesn't do any damage to infantry units.

. Locked Vehicle Bug – My teammate unlocked his/her vehicle and then gave it to me, I got in it and everything was fine. But when he/she bought another vehicle and entered it, the vehicle that he/she gave me locked up and only allowed me to use the passenger slot.

. Nod's Vehicle Airdrop – Incorrect Chinook and harvester model.

Nod's Vehicle Airdrop Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... bmihgs.jpg

. Black Vehicles - Vehicles can sometimes turn black and textureless.

Black Vehicles Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ocl1mo.jpg

. Black Vehicle Airdrop - Please check the image below.

Black Vehicle Airdrop Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ouuhyk.jpg

. Stealth Tank – Can stay cloaked while shooting its missiles. You can do this by pressing the right mouse button then pressing the left mouse button immediately after. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

Stealth Tank Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... phdsm9.jpg

. Apache – Spelling correction in its description from Attack Helocopter to Attack Helicopter. It also says that it can't take a passenger which is incorrect. The picture needs updating in the Renegade X Wiki too.

. Orca and Apache - You can see the passengers legs sticking out the bottom. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

Orca and Apache Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... chdy5b.jpg

. Orca and Apache - Can't switch seat positions.

. Orca and Apache – Passengers can't use the rocket launcher anymore. Is this correct?

. Orca and Apache – Their weapons can sometimes stop working for a while after reloading.

. Orca and Apache – Can sometimes get a bit shakey after they've hit into an object.

. Orca and Apache – The Rocket that does 10% damage to buildings doesn't cause any direct/AoE damage to enemy units. Its AoE might not effect structures either.

. Orca and Apache - Can't use both weapons at the same time. For example, if you press both mouse buttons simultaneously only one of the weapons will fire. Is this correct?

. Orca – Its gun looks like a minigun/chain gun/gatling gun, but in its description it's described as a .50 cal machine gun. This is wrong right?

Orca Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... r5zawh.jpg

. Orca – Its vehicle image needs to be updated. Because at the moment the image is showing two guns instead of one sticking out of its nose.

Orca Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... r5zawh.jpg

. Mammoth Tank – Its main guns jam up a lot more in Beta 4 for some reason. This is very noticeable in multiplayer.

. Mammoth Tank - I've seen it lose its hp rapidly for no reason when going under 50% hp, I've also seen a captured Mammoth Tank that couldn't be repaired for some reason. This usually happens after it has been stolen.

. Mammoth Tank – Projectiles can sometimes go through the Mammoth Tank and damage units on the other side. For example, I was a Hotwire repairing a Mammoth Tank, and laser projectiles were going through its chassis and hitting me. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

. Mammoth Tank - You can see a gap between the turret and the chassis.

Mammoth Tank 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 4jzzvz.jpg

. MRLS - Its missiles will stop homing or change direction on a character unit if that character gets in a vehicle.

. MRLS – Its missiles can sometimes spin back around at the MRLS or zig zag around like mad.

. Stealth Tank – If a timed c4 is placed on the Stealth Tank it will usually go inside it, making it unrepairable.

. Stealth Tank – If the Stealth Tank is on fire it won't show through the cloak. Is this correct?

. APC and Transport Helicopter - When these vehicles blow up many or sometimes all the players inside will die. For example, I've seen a sniper get the final hit on a transport and all 5 players died instantly, is this correct?

. APC and Transport Helicopter – Sometimes a passenger will take up 2-3 seats. Can be quite annoying.

. Flame Tank – Can cause damage if it fires over the top of a unit. For example, it can damage tanks beneath it if it fires from above the bridge on Mesa II.

Flame Tank Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ionkpl.jpg

. Flame Tank – Can shoot through buildings hurting the units inside. Shooting at the back of Barracks or shooting through the glass of WF are the most annoying examples of this problem.

. Uncontrollable Vehicles – This usually happens when a vehicle hits in the back or front of another vehicle. For example, a tank drives into the back of another tank and for some reason the the back tank will be stuck in forward drive for some time.

. Transport Helicopter – Will sometimes show the pilot or passengers on the outside of the vehicle. This might be down to some players changing seat positions but I'm not sure.

. Air Units – Will sometimes fly upwards after getting out. For example, I pressed the space bar just before getting out of a Chinook, and it flew away from me lol.

. Vehicle Passengers – Orca Fighter, Mobile Artillery, Flame Tank, Stealth Tank and Apache doesn't show how many passengers these vehicles can take on. Their pictures need to updated on Renegade X Wiki too.

. Buying a Vehicle - Sometimes after buying a vehicle it will not appear. For example, I was waiting in a queue of at least 5-6 vehicles and mine never appeared for some reason, and I had definitely paid for it. This has happened a few times.

. Stuck Vehicle Bug – Sometimes a vehicle can get stuck against a rock or wall for example, and the only way to get dislodged is to get out and get back in quickly.

. Empty Vehicle – If you change teams, suicide or disconnect while in a vehicle, it will be shown as occupied instead of empty.

. Empty Vehicle – Sometimes you can't get into an empty enemy vehicle. This might have something to do with the new locking system. Happens rarely.

. Vehicle First Person View – For some reason Vehicles fpv have been zoomed in quite some bit. For example, when in fpv with a Flame Tank you can't see the flame throwers anymore.

. Vehicle Friendly Fire – If a driver/pilot leaves his vehicle with a passenger inside, the vehicle can take damage from friendly units.

. Harvester - Will get blown up if you buy a vehicle 6 seconds after the harvester has been dropped off on the Airstrip. This also happens with GDI's harvester. I'm not sure if this happens with other vehicles.

Harvester Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... mnu4s5.jpg

. Harvester - The harvester can destroy empty vehicles.

Harvester 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 0epy8w.jpg

. Harvester - On walls the harvester will sometimes go to the right side of the base to get tiberium. Will sometimes do a random 360 turn at the entrance and still but very rarely get stuck at the refinery on Walls, Lakeside, etc.

. Harvester – If the harvester becomes stuck it can lag up the game.

. Sparking Vehicles – This will happen if a vehicle with a lot of remote c4 on the front of it is hit, turning the vehicle into a firework display and lagging up the game.

. Vehicle Bug – When I'm using a Mobile Artillery to fire into the cave on Field for example, on some peoples screens it will show the shells hitting the wall instead of going inside the cave. But on my screen it's going straight into the cave. Same can be said for the people getting hit inside cave, they see no shells but they're being hit by splash damage. It's a very strange thing.

. Mammoth Tank – I got out of my Mammoth Tank to repair it, and then I got back in and I couldn't move or shoot for some reason. Also I had it locked, that might give you a clue to why this happened.

. Exiting Vehicle - You can sometimes end up on top of your vehicle after exiting it. For example, I was in a MRLS driving on uneven jagged ground, I then exited it, and ended up on top of the it somehow.

. Weapon Stats – Damage, range, rate of fire and magazine capacity all need to be updated.

. Getting Run Over – Moving close by the side of an enemy vehicles will kill you? Is this correct?

. Captured Vehicles – Can sometimes feel a little bit stiff to move around.

. Vehicle Weapon Jamming – This happens a lot to Mammoth/Medium Tanks, Orcas and Apaches. Multiplayer only.

. Vehicle Lag – This usually happens if there is like 8 vehicles rushing for example. I'm not sure if this is an issue with the game or the servers.

. Vehicle Ramming - If you ram into a friendly character while they're against a solid object, they'll end up on top of your vehicle.

. Vehicle Speed Bug – If you use a vehicles speed boost while driving forward/back, and then jump out, the vehicle might drive off at very high speed. Happens Rarely.

. Vehicle Bug – I gave my vehicle away to a teammate and then got myself another one. But for some reason the vehicle that I gave away to my teammate was still being shown as, ''Your Vehicle.''

. Passengers - Sometimes you can't see the names of the passengers in a friendly vehicle, this will happen if there is no driver/pilot in the vehicle.


Weapon-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Mendoza's Volt Automatic Rifle – Some of its particle effects are shown as blue instead of purple. Please check the image below.

Mendoza's Volt Automatic Rifle Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... wr3alr.jpg

. Mobius's Volt Automatic Rifle - Ground particle glow is shown as purple instead of blue. Please check the image below.

Mobius's Volt Automatic Rifle Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cgwz0s.jpg

. Flamethrower and Chemical Thrower - Can shoot through solid objects or vehicles and damage units on the other side.

Flamethrower and Chemical Thrower Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... uvg6zo.jpg

. Marksman Rifle - The ammo bar in fpv always shows the ammo clip as empty.

. EMP Grenade - Spelling correction from EMP Greande to EMP Grenade on the purchase screen.

. EMP Grenade and Anti-Tank Mine - Are still shown in the inventory and explosives loadout after they've been used. Cycling through the inventory and explosives loadout fixes this.

. EMP Grenade – Can sometimes get caught inside a vehicle before it explodes. This might happen with other throwable objects.

. EMP/Smoke/Standard Grenade - Will immediately explode after hitting doors, glass, beacons, etc. This might happen with other objects/units too.

Grenade Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... q95rli.jpg

. Beacons – Sometimes after disabling a beacon you can still see its lights flashing.

Flashing Lights Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... jcxdkf.jpg

. Beacons – Sometimes when placing a beacon close to a structure it will not result in its destruction, even though I believe its within the beacons blast radius.

Beacons Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 7tir0x.jpg

. Beacons – If you leave the game or change teams and you've planted a beacon, that beacon will not cause any damage to structures. This might also be the same for airstrikes, all types of c4, etc.

. Black Weapons - While in fpv weapons can sometimes turn black and textureless.

Black Weapons Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 0y4gdw.jpg

. Flamethrower and Chemical Thrower – Can kill units if they're under water. Is this correct?

. Floating Weapons - Weapons will sometimes float above a dead body.

Floating Weapons Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ull1sq.jpg

. Personal Ion Cannon – The red dot in the centre of the crosshair is slightly off centre.

Personal Ion Cannon Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 6raszp.jpg

. Weapon Range Bug - Some weapons don't cause any damage if they're hitting something from a very long distance. For example, an artillery was hitting my MRLS from a very long distance, and for some reason the hits weren't doing any damage to my MRLS.

. Bullet Holes – Some weapons can't make bullet holes. For example, the silenced pistol can make bullet holes but weapons like the chaingun can't.

. Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines – Can move around and/or detach while they're on a moving character/vehicle. For example, my tank had a timed c4 on it, and I scraped passed a tree and the c4 dropped off lol. Another example was when I got out of my tank to get rid of a timed c4 and it managed to attach itself to my character.

. Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines - Sometimes are unrepairable, especially when they're on MCTs.

. Timed/Remote C4 - If you have C4 on your character and you jump in a vehicle, the vehicle will take the damage instead of the character. Is this correct?

. Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines – If you have c4/mines on your character and you enter a vehicle, the c4/mines will be shown floating around on the outside of the vehicle.

. Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines – Can be placed inside of a solid object. For example, crouch and press up against a wall and there's a good chance you can plant c4/mines inside the wall.

Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... jl4qh1.jpg

. Timed C4 - Will sometimes go inside of a vehicle after being placed on it, making it unrepairable.

. Proximity Mines - You can defuse your own mines, but not repair them.

. Proximity Mines – Can sometimes become undefusable if they're floating or put on walls. For example, putting mines on doors while they're closed will sometimes make them undefusable.

. Proximity Mines - Can go off if you are moving under them. For example, you go in the back door of HoN and the mines will go off on the second floor if you go under them. Is this correct?

. Timed/Remote C4, Proximity Mines, etc. - Can damage units through walls/objects. Is this correct?

. Timed/Remote C4 and Proximity Mines – If placed on a character unit, they can be killed by friendly fire by a teammate shooting directly at the c4/mines. Also the character can kill himself by ricochets hitting the c4/mines from his own weapon.

. Remote C4 - Doesn't disappear if you change your character.

Remote C4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... qmapnv.jpg

. Frag Grenade - Can't refill frag grenades after they've been used. This happens quite frequently.

. Tiberium Flechette – Is described as a rifle when really its a gun.

. Chaingun and Laser Chaingun – The barrels will continuously spin after firing. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

. Chaingun and Laser Chaingun – It's Chain Gun not Chaingun.

Chaingun and Laser Chaingun Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... rajstu.jpg

. Grenade Launcher - Missing texture on the grenades.

Grenade Launcher Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... au5ysu.jpg

. Grenade Launcher - If you shoot at 270 degrees with alt fire, the grenade will immediately explode.

. Sniper Scopes – Seem slightly oval.

. Marksman Rifle – I think the scopes crosshair is slightly off centre.

. Weapons Projectile Force - All the weapons need their projectile force checked out. For example, shooting at Nod's APC with an automatic rifle will make the APC move about some bit, but when you shoot it with a .50 cal machine gun it will hardly move an inch. This must be wrong right?

. Weapons Projectile Force – My apc got hit simultaneously by 2 missiles from 2 Rocket Soldiers, and my apc somehow went 3x its normal speed for a few seconds.

. Weapon Damage – Different types of units that use the same weapons can vary in damage. For example, the Buggy and the Orca both use a .50 cal machine gun, but for some reason the Orca does way more damage, especially to buildings. Needs to be looked at.

. Weapons Firing Sideways - Most weapon projectiles fire off to the side before they end up shooting forward.

Weapons Firing Sideways Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... lm2boi.jpg

. Weapon Zoom - If you use the alt fire on the personal ion cannon for example, it will sometimes zoom into the character/screen instead of the gun.

Weapon Zoom Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... d6ltgu.jpg

. Airstrikes – I once had an airstrike that had 1/240 ammo and wouldn't deploy for some reason. Changing character was the only way to fix this strange bug.

Airstrikes 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ddpbei.jpg

. Airstrikes – You can still see the laser for a short time if you die while trying to deploy the airstrike.

Airstrikes Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... rw9l4b.jpg

. Airstrikes – Sometimes you can't set the direction of an airstrike. I think this happens if you cancel an airstrike, and then try to deploy it again, but I'm not sure. This happens all the time in multiplayer.

. Airstrikes – When deploying an airstrike you might sometimes see you character in the binoculars. This happened to me when I was a sniper.

. Airstrikes – Can sometimes cause damage to yourself and friendly units. And you get points for it.

. Airstrikes – There are many areas on all the maps which won't let you deploy an airstrike. For example, you can't paint the sides of the Airstrip. Can be a bit fiddly at times.

. Airstrikes - Sometimes you'll have to wait 25 seconds until you can deploy an airstrike. This usually happens if you try to deploy an airstrike right after cancelling one, or you try setting the direction of an airstrike several times. I've only seen this happen in multiplayer.

. Airstrikes and Super Weapons – Can't purchase both, is this correct?

. Volt Automatic Rifle – If you switch weapons after shooting a volt ball, there will be no delayed firing time for the VAR.

. Ion Cannon/Nuke Strike Beacon - Can't kill units when they're inside buildings, is this correct?

. Beacons – Can kill units if they're inside caves or tunnels. Field's cave is a good example of this.

. Beacons – Sometimes after disabling a beacon you can still hear the final countdown.

. Secondary Weapons – If you buy all the secondary weapons you will only be able to use the Tiberium Auto-Rifle. You won't be able to change from the Tiberium Auto-Rifle to the Silenced Pistol for example. Multiplayer only.

. Weapon Scopes - When using the scope on a carbine, sniper/marksman rifle, automatic rifle, tactical rifle, A-10 airstrike, etc. The character won't lift his/her arms and gun/weapon in a forward firing position.

. Weapons Bug - Sometimes when you fire a weapon the ammo will go down but no bullets/projectiles will be fired out of the weapon.

. Weapon Stats – Damage, range, rate of fire and magazine capacity all need to be updated.

. Floating Timed C4 - I usually see this happen after someone has thrown their c4 just before dying.

. Repair Gun – Will sometimes keep on making sparks after healing a vehicle or building to 100%. This happens all the time with silos for example. I only see this happen in multiplayer.

. Repair Gun - Doesn't move/shake around anymore when it's being used. Is this correct?

. EMP/Smoke/Frag Grenade - You can still see the grenade in the character's hand after it has been thrown.

. Automatic Rifle - The white lines inside/over the red lines slightly unaligned?

Automatic Rifle Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 0xipt2.jpg

. Volt Automatic Rifle - The skeleton's fade colour should be blue/purple instead of green? Green should only be used for tiberium weapons right?

Volt Automatic Rifle Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cydvsi.jpg


Bots/AI-Related Bugs/Problems List

. UT3 Cathode Bot – I saw this bot on a skirmish map. There might be other UT3 bot characters that randomly appear.

. Bots/AI – Sometimes won't attack for some reason.

Bots 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... gzen8t.jpg

. Bots/AI - The stop following me command doesn't work.

Bots 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... u6pljc.jpg

. Bots/AI – They'll all clump together if there is a vehicle above them. Please check the image below.

Bots 5 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... nmvb4a.jpg

. Bots/AI – 31 bots on one team. For example, If you put 16 bots on GDI and 0 bots on Nod, GDI will start with 31 bots instead of 16.

Bots 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... t7x2si.jpg

. Bots/AI – They commit suicide a lot. For example, I've seen a bot suicide like 10 times in a row for no apparent reason.

Bots 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... p7xynu.jpg

. Bots/AI – You can give them orders in skirmish, but not in multiplayer for some reason. Is this correct?

Bots/AI Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... r1rbev.jpg

. Number of Bots Bug – Number of bots function doesn't work properly. For example, if you set the number of bots to 5 per team, it will show 10+ bots per team ingame. I've only tested this out in skirmish.

. Bots/AI – Don't use gun/rocket emplacements.

. Bots/AI - Don't buy or use airstrikes or super weapons.

. Bots/AI - Hotwires, Technicians and Engineers don't use their guns.

. Bots/AI – Will sometimes randomly fire at one another. Usually happens when they're in vehicles.

. Bots/AI – Will buy their vehicles instantly at the beginning of a game. This always delays the harvester from spawning.

. Bots/AI - Don't buy transport helicopters or get in them.

. Bots/AI – Don't buy vehicles or characters from a destroyed WF, HoN, Barracks or Airstrip.

. I DESLIKE YOU. Bot - Spelling correction from DESLIKE to DISLIKE.


. Rebarn Bot - Should its name be Reborn instead of Rebarn?

. Number of Bots - The maximum amount of bots you can have in a game is 31, shouldn't it be 32?

Bots 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... t7x2si.jpg


Map-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Field – You can't attach any c4 onto the two big metal pillars in the cave, the c4 will just pass through them.

Field Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cz1kbq.jpg

. Goldrush - APCs can get on top of the cliff in the middle where the mine is.

Goldrush 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 9pjgl9.jpg

. Goldrush – You can get out of the map by going behind GDI's PP and placing a Humvee close up to the cliff, jumping on top of it and getting out.

Goldrush 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... e4rvpd.jpg

. Canyon - See-through floor in GDI's base. Please check the image below.

Canyon 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 7yofgi.jpg

. Canyon – Out of map bug.

Canyon 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... fw3oki.jpg

. Canyon – There's no return to battlefield message if you get out of the map.

Canyon 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... pk1fw6.jpg

. Canyon – Incorrect wall colour.

Canyon 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... xayef5.jpg

. Canyon – Invisible barrier. Please check the image below.

Canyon 5 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... xclo6r.jpg

. Canyon – GDI's harvester will sometimes get stuck on the tank trap by the barracks, and will sometimes get stuck on various parts of the ramp. Happens rarely.

Canyon 6 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... usbivc.jpg

. Canyon – Planting a beacon under the Airstrip won't destroy it. Is this correct?

. Complex - Missing textures and other strange things. Please check the image below for some examples.

Complex Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... dl4ctu.jpg

. Complex - You can hide yourself inside many walls/rocks on Complex. Please check below for an example.

Complex 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... dffjbp.jpg

. Complex – If you stand on these rocks you will get hurt by the tiberium below. Is this correct?

Complex 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... sn7v3h.jpg

. Lakeside – The tiberium crystals on the cliff don't damage character units.

Lakeside 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... liyaaj.jpg

. Lakeside - Ground vehicles can get onto the infantry only side by going through the tiberium cave.

Lakeside 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 8y4pos.jpg

. Lakeside - There's some grass and floating leaves in some of the buildings.

Lakeside 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... fjdscq.jpg

. Lakeside – Nod's harvester will sometimes get stuck at the refinery. Happens rarely.

. Lakeside – On GDI's river vehicles can get over the downed tree and rock barrier by the silo. Is this right?

. Mesa II – Nod's harvester sometimes gets stuck on the turret.

Mesa II 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ptu5rn.jpg

. Mesa II – You can hide yourself inside the tower's metal pillars.

Mesa II 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... sfikqq.jpg

. Mesa II - The rocks behind the silo are not solid objects, you can walk through them.

Mesa II 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... h0gdju.jpg

. Mesa II – Please check the image below.

Mesa II 8 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... jetqm0.jpg

. Mesa II - You can hide yourself inside many walls/rocks on Mesa. Please check below for some examples.

Mesa II 5 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... pda0fr.jpg

. Mesa II – It can be a little bit tricky going up the stairs of the silo. Please check the image below.

Mesa II 7 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... wns3tq.jpg

. Mesa II – Strange wall texture. Please check the image below.

Mesa II 6 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... hiw3so.jpg

. Mesa II – You can now see water's edge. In Beta 3 the edge was all misted up.

Mesa II 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... dad2j2.jpg

. Mesa II – Mines, c4, beacons and grenades fall through the bridge when planted or thrown.

. Islands – You can get on top of the cliff above the tunnels. Please check the image below.

Islands 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... qauwtm.jpg

. Islands - Some missing textures.

Islands 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 7br4eh.jpg

. Islands – The ground near this ridge sinks while you're at a distance. Please check the image below.

Islands 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cuu99k.jpg

. Islands – Jumping on top of the walls. Please check the image below.

Islands 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... lcotes.jpg

. Islands – You can sometimes respawn in the sea lol. Happens very rarely.

. Volcano - You can stand in some parts of lava without getting hurt.

Volcano 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... azjnfr.jpg

. Volcano – On some parts of the map you can see lava flowing up through the ground.

Volcano 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... wv4mex.jpg

. Field – If you get a vehicle from one of the crates in the field they'll sometimes slide into the river and explode. Especially if its a Mammoth Tank.

. Whiteout – Units can go up the cliff at the back of Nod's base.

Whiteout 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... p9wjzf.jpg

. Whiteout – There's a tiberium field on this map that damages you from an incorrect distance.

Whiteout 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 0h9fgj.jpg

. Whiteout - GDI's AA tower on top of the WF doesn't/can't fire. Please check the image below.

Whiteout 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ymzqrm.jpg

. Whiteout - The central Guard Tower just randomly exploded. This happened just 20-30 seconds into the game. I've only seen this happen once.

. Walls – Nod's wall is missing a section.

Walls 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... tofubk.jpg

. Walls – Please check the image below.

Walls Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cazdcu.jpg

. Walls, Whiteout and Goldrush - Vehicles can drive over the tunnel/cave entrances in a strange way.

. Walls – GDI's harvester can still stop moving after it has interacted with the refinery. Happens rarely now.

Entrances Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... khpyby.jpg

. XMountain – If you press up against the shutter on the refinery you'll take tiberium damage. This only happens on this map.

XMountain 5 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cn3otu.jpg

. XMountain – Tiberium fields make shells and missiles fire off centre, and if you're too close to a tiberium field they won't be able to fire at all for some reason. I sometimes see this happen with some rocks/ cliffs too.

XMountain 3 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... uqlng6.jpg

. XMountain – There's some grass, dirt and floating leaves in some of the buildings.

XMountain 4 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... tyqryj.jpg

. XMountain - Tiberium crystals will sometimes randomly recede into the ground. And they don't grow back. This might happen on other maps too.

. Skyboxes - Some skyboxes need smoothing out.

Skyboxes Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... s2exuf.jpg

. Under – You can't attach any explosives on to the hanging rocks in the ice cave.

Under 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 6l9xyi.jpg

. Under – Please check the image below.

Under Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... sjc7la.jpg

. Goldrush – This map crashes from time to time.

. Field - A piece of wall is sticking out of Nod's refinery in an awkward way.

Field 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... tum5k1.jpg

. Field – Vehicles can somehow get on top of Nod's Bunker in field. I don't know how you can get vehicles up there, but I have seen Stealth Tanks and Humvees on top of there before.

. Rocks/Stones and Trees – On maps like Lakeside and Mesa you can move through some rocks/stones. You can also hide beacons/c4 in them.

. Grass – The grass on some maps need to be flattened. This might be the same with other things too.

Grass Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... gekele.jpg

. Walls – You can still get vehicles on the walls, it's just a little more tricky to do.


Building-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Building Walls - The image speaks louder than words.

Building Walls Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... nig5aj.jpg

. Weapons Factory – Vehicles can get on top of the wf by using its ramp.

Weapons Factory Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... naa0tv.jpg

. Turrets and Guard Towers – Will shoot at air units if they have passengers in them.

Turrets and Guard Towers Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... vfec1k.jpg

. Turrets – You don't get any points/money while repairing/attacking a turret. Beta 4.02 patch.

. Turrets and Guard Towers – Will fire at you if you're behind a closed door/shutter. Also, the guard towers can sometimes shoot through closed doors/shutters. I'm not sure if this happens with the agt/obelisk.

Turrets and Guard Towers 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cjn6mp.jpg

. Power Plant – Will instantly destroy air units if they hit into the Power Plant's chimney.

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement – Missing image in the bottom right corner.

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement – I saw this emplacement firing with no one in it.

Emplacement Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... r1x0fa.jpg

. 0% Building HP - A building will hit 0% and will be shown as destroyed on the tab screen but would not have actually been destroyed.

0% Building HP Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... vypd7t.jpg

. Building HP – When a building goes under 50% hp its health bar will be shown as yellow, but on the tab screen it will be shown as green.

Building HP Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ycuak6.jpg

. Building HP - Flickers green instead of red when a building is on low hp.

Building HP 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... xqyqot.jpg

. Destroyed Base Defences – Will show floating fires that never disappear, these fires are also considered as solid objects.

Destroyed Base Defences Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... fmnpmj.jpg

. Base Defences – Will sometimes not fire on a clear target. Please check the image below for some examples.

Base Defences Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... biac36.png

. Obelisk of Light - Can't shoot through destroyable glass.

Obelisk of Light 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... svbcni.jpg

. Obelisk of Light - The Obelisk's beam will instantly switch to another target after killing/destroying something, causing no damage. Please check the image below.

Obelisk of Light Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 4bcxtc.jpg

. Obelisk of Light – Can sometimes be seen shooting at targets well out of its range or sight. This might have something to do with the bug above.

. Obelisk of Light – After it destroys a vehicle its laser beam will be instantly fixed on the driver/passengers right after the vehicle explodes, without causing any damage.

Obelisk of Light 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... flrw44.jpg

. Obelisk of Light – Sometimes the Obelisk's beam can't be visually seen after killing an enemy unit.

. Refinery – Some parts of the refinery make bullets, shells and missiles fire off centre. This might happen with other buildings too.

Refinery Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... n8ltrh.jpg

. Bunkers – You can get vehicles on top of bunkers. Please check the image below.

Bunkers 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... accc0p.jpg

. Adv. Guard Tower - Can be locked on by missiles. Is this correct?

. Hand of Nod – Can't use airstrikes in or out of the smashed windows of the HoN. Some weapons might not be able to shoot in or out too.

. Anti-Air Towers and SAM Sites – Will fire before having a target in their line of sight. Meaning that the first shot is nearly always a miss.

. Anti-Air Towers and SAM Sites - Will stop firing at air units if the pilot bails out or switches seats.

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement - Destroying an emplacement will sometimes cause the vehicle limit to drop. Happens in multiplayer a lot.

. Gun Emplacement - Spelling correction from Gattling Gun to Gatling Gun. This is shown in the bottom right corner while using the emplacement.

. Gun Emplacement – The gatling gun doesn't spin while it fires, and one of its auto cannons don't fire for some reason.

. Gun/Rocket Emplacement – When you get out of an Emplacement it will usually eject you over the side of the wall.

. Turrets - You can see a gap between the turret and the concrete base at a certain distance.

Turrets Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... vnurde.jpg

. Buildings/Objects – On some maps you can see what's on the other side of a building/object by looking under it.

Buildings and Objects Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... nlpfny.jpg

. HoN and Airstrip's Glass – Looks already shattered while it's intact.

Destroyable Glass Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... rqxl0n.jpg

. HoN and Airstrip's Glass - You can't attach any c4 onto the glass, the c4 will just pass through.

. Silo – There are some areas on a silo where you can get permanently stuck. Please check the image below.

Silo Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... xqrv1k.jpg

. AoE Damage - AoE damage doesn't cause any damage to buildings, is this correct?

. Barracks – There is a spot on top near the centre of Barracks where Nuke Strike Beacons can be placed completely hidden inside the building.

Barracks 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 6pzbgq.jpg

. Airstrip – The radar can't be hit, projectiles go straight through it.

. Airstrip – Can't use airstrikes properly in or out of the smashed windows of the Airstrip. Some weapons might not be able to shoot in or out too.

. Building HP – I've seen WF get to 110% hp before and even seen some other building get into minus hp. Not sure why or how this happened, but it happened.

. Barracks – Characters can be run over if they are on the Barracks side ramps while an enemy vehicle moves along side the ramps.

Barracks 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... u67p5c.jpg

. Weapons Factory and Airstrip – They still pump out vehicles even after being destroyed. This only happens if there are vehicles cued up.

. Building Doors – Can stick out of a building while open. Please check below for some examples.

Building Doors Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... woa2ny.jpg

. Building Doors and Shutters – Aren't blast proof. And some projectiles can get through too.

Building Doors and Shutters Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... zo0tfk.jpg

. Building Doors and Shutters - Don't cause any damage to buildings if the doors/shutters are hit, is this correct?

. Building Doors and Shutters - Can sometimes move out of position if they've been hit enough times. For example, a tank was shooting in/at the back door of the refinery for a long time, and eventually the door started moving inwards.

. Base Defences – Base defences don't/can't fire at units that are under water.

. Building Damage - I've seen APCs and Buggies for example shooting at buildings doing like 1-2% damage, and then after that they can't do anymore damage? Multiplayer only.

. Bunkers – Some parts on a bunker flicker a lot. Please check the image below for an example.

Bunkers Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... rngw4u.jpg

. Turrets – I'm not sure about this, but I think turrets can damage themselves with their own splash damage.


User Interface-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Radar Map - Empty vehicles don't show up on the radar map.

Radar Map 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... bvi9bu.jpg

. Radar Map – Some radar maps need updating. Please check the image below for an example.

Radar Map 2 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... fohlfo.jpg

. Incorrect Score - While on the waiting for other players or match begins screen. Please check the image below.

Incorrect Score Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... l9trg4.jpg

. Purchase Terminal - Sometimes you can't use a pt if there is timed/remote c4 or mines on your character. And if you can use a pt with something on your character, you can't refill and might not be able to change/buy certain things.

. Purchase Terminal – Will sometimes not let you use the pt, dying is the only way to fix it. This problem is quite rare.

. Purchase Terminal - Sometimes you can't use a pt if there is timed/remote c4 or mines on the pt. And if you can use it, you can't refill, change or buy anything.

. Vehicle Selection Screen – Will sometimes show vehicles at the bottom as rifles?

Vehicle Selection Screen Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... peplph.jpg

. Incorrect/Missing Vehicle Image – While in a teammate's vehicle the vehicle's image will either be missing or shown as a A-10.

. Ingame Timer – Will sometimes turn black. I've seen this happen with health bars and text too.

Ingame Timer Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... bdzk8v.jpg

. Enemy Spotted/Q Command - When used on friendly units, empty vehicles and gun/rocket emplacements no command will be given. Is this correct? Multiplayer only.

. Enemy Spotted/Q Command – There are some spelling mistakes in some of the spotted messages.

Command Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... lhded6.jpg

. Vote Map System – If two maps have 6 votes each for example the map nearest the top will get picked. This should be random right?

. Esc Screen – The vote option is always unavailable.

Esc Screen 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... e4n7ib.jpg

. Esc Screen - Sometimes your character/vehicle can be seen firing/moving while on the esc screen. For example, if you hold forward and press esc at the same time your character/vehicle will keep moving while you're on the esc screen. Multiplayer only.

. Exiting Vehicle Problem - Sometimes after exiting a vehicle your weapon icons on the bottom right of the screen will all appear as silenced pistols.

Exiting Vehicle Problem Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cdrgmq.jpg

. Stamina Bar – Will sometimes become permanently greyed out, with no white bars representing the refilling of the stamina bar. This happens quite a lot.

. Missing Building Images – Please check the image below.

Missing Building Images Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... j1chbr.jpg

. Building Images - Will flicker a lot while changing/buying weapons. Not a big deal but still.

. PT Screen – Will sometimes have some of its coloured panels missing.

PT Screen Image - http://s1299.photobucket.com/user/Sean_ ... sort=3&o=0

. Destroyed Buildings – Buildings will sometimes be shown as destroyed on the building images/tab after joining a game, but none of the buildings are actually destroyed.

. Vehicle Selection Screen – Can only show a maximum of 10 vehicles at the bottom of the screen. This should be increased because some servers have a 10+ vehicle limit.

. Vehicle Limit – Sometimes shows and inaccurate vehicle limit. I've seen a vehicle limit at -40 before.

. Ingame Commands – Commands such as !reconnect don't work anymore.

. Incorrect Weapon Image - After being killed by someone it will sometimes show an incorrect image of the weapon that killed you.

. Admin Changing Map - Will screw up the after battle report screen.

. Private Chat – Can't private chat with players that use symbols in or as their name.

. Server Browser – Missing map images.

Server Browser Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... taqwmt.jpg

. After Battle Report Screen – Will sometimes not show the voting/points screen. Happens rarely.

. After Battle Report Screen – Will sometimes not be able to type in the chat box properly. Pressing the letter T for example would bring up some other text box.

. After Battle Report Screen – After sending about 3 or 4 messages I can't send anymore for some reason.

. Player List – Doesn't show what your teammates character classes or vehicles are when pressing K. And it usually gives the wrong location of a player.

. Your Score This Minute – Will sometimes reset after just a few seconds, or will get stuck on a score and not increase or reset.

. Team Voting – If you change teams during a team vote you can still see it.

. Changing Character – Unable to change to a different character at a pt. This happens very rarely and only dying solves the issue.

. Spelling Correction Ingame – From Comitted Suicide to Committed Suicide.

. Incorrect Command/Message Name - When someone gives out a command/message, their name will sometimes appear as Host. Happens rarely.

. Purchase Terminal – You can't purchase tiberium weapons if the silo gets captured while you're in a pt. You'll have to exit and then enter the pt again in order to buy the tiberium weapons.

. HUD – For some reason my HUD completely vanished at the start of a game. Using a pt fixed this. This has only happened once.


Sound-Related Bugs/Problems List

. EVA and CABAL - Will sometimes incorrectly announce the destruction of a building. For example, I hear the Airstrip has been destroyed announcement quite a lot.

. Transport Helicopter – Its gatling guns will make firing sounds if you're using them yourself, but you won't be able to hear anything if other players are using them. Strange.

. Gun Sounds - Gun sounds can sometimes be heard from your gun after your character dies. This has happened a few times to me while using the Officer for example.

. Repeating Sounds – Can sometimes hear repeating gun, reloading, vehicle, clashing and exploding sounds for some reason. For example, after I destroyed a medium tank all I could hear afterwards was moving track sounds.

. Incorrect Sound – I reloaded my volt automatic rifle once, and it made a laser chaingun reload sound.

. Timed C4 – Will still make its detonation sound after it has been defused.

. Music – Will sometimes randomly turn off.

. Volt Automatic Rifle – Sometimes you can't hear the charge up sound.

. Ion Cannon/Nuke Strike Beacon – Can sometimes not give out ringing/bleeping sound. Happens rarely.


Website-Related Bugs/Problems List

. Renegade X Wiki – Needs to be updated. Pictures, newest weapons, descriptions, stats, etc.

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Other Bugs/Problems List

. Waiting Screen - You'll start earning credits on the waiting for other players/match begins screen, if you change teams.

. Blue Tiberium – If you go over it your character will emit a green tiberium particle effect instead of a blue particle effect.

Blue Tiberium Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 2yfbrr.jpg

. Tiberium/Fire/Electric Exposure – If you go into a vehicle after you've been hit by tiberium/fire/electric, your health will stop dropping. And if you stay in the vehicle for a little bit, the tiberium/fire/electric exposure will wear off.

. Team Killing - Can get a team kill if you shoot at a player just before he/she disconnects.

. Water – The surface of water is bullet proof, grenades bounce on it, vehicles die almost instantly if they're underwater and beacons don't cause damage if underwater.

. Tiberium Fields – You can stand in some parts of a tiberium field without getting hurt.

Tiberium Fields Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 40rwif.jpg

. Directional Lightmaps – Will enable itself every time you restart the game if it's been disabled in settings.

. Dialogue Volume – Will always set itself to 100% after you've applied changes in video settings or pressed the back button on the audio screen. For example, if it's set at 60% and you apply changes in video settings it will go up to 100% for some reason. This might happen with some input settings too.

. Vehicle Airdrop Bug – You can't purchase an airdrop if you join a game with a destroyed WF/Airstrip.

Vehicle Airdrop Bug Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... uq9kxj.jpg

. Rivers/Water – Can sometimes overlap projectiles, explosions, muzzle flashes, etc. I've seen this happen with destroyed buildings and explosions from afar.

RW Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... cw2chm.jpg

. Buyable Weapons – If you die with buyable weapons on you, they'll still be in your inventory after you respawn. Is this correct?

. Planting/Crouching in Water – You'll get hurt or die if you try to plant/crouch in water.

Water Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ropvib.jpg

. Shooting Through Objects – Please check the image below.

Shooting Through Objects Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... umvdo6.jpg

. Invisible Units - Sometimes you'll see invisible units with just their names floating about.

Invisible Units Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... p69sg8.jpg

. Stealth Bug – You can sometimes see all stealth units for some reason, reconnecting fixes this bug. Happens very rarely.

Stealth Bug Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... jndk3z.jpg

. Firing Angle Problem - When you're at a certain firing angle with something close behind/above you, your projectile will fire at whatever is behind/above you instead of whatever your crosshair is aiming at. This only happens in third person view.

Firing Angle Problem Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... utcqtt.jpg

. Damage Bug - If you die before your projectile hits its target, the projectile will cause no damage.

. Objects at a Distance - Characters/Vehicles can sometimes be seen hiding behind walls and other objects from a long distance. So not fair lol. Please check the image below for an example.

Distance Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... t94kom.jpg

. Characters Getting Stuck – On some maps and structures there are places where you can get permanently stuck. Please check the image below for some examples.

Characters Getting Stuck Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... fjvydn.jpg

. Spectator Bug – Happens after using a purchase terminal. This usually happens to me after purchasing the SBH.

. Vehicle Airdrop Bug - Can't purchase a vehicle if an airdrop is ready. I don't know why this happened, but I do know that my whole team was effected by this. I've only seen this happen once.

. Credits – Units and weapons can't be purchased at their exact prices. For example, a Medium Tank can be purchased at 801 credits.

. Game Settings – When changing some settings like V-Sync and Dynamic Lights for example, they will only take effect after restarting the game.

. Game Settings – Changing your weapon hand from right to left will change in first person view but not in third person view. And it doesn't change at all if you try changing this setting while ingame.

. Name Change – Sometimes your name can randomly change to a default Player name while ingame. I have no idea why this happens.

. Tiberium Fields – If a Medium Tank fires at a Tiberium field at close range on XM for example, its firing angle might become permanently unaligned with the crosshair. This might happen with other objects too.

. Tiberium Fields – Characters can take damage if they're on top of a vehicle while it's in a tiberium field. Is this correct?

Tiberium Fields 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 8zqfcz.jpg

. Refilling – I lost my buyable weapon after refilling. This has happened several times.

. Bugged Crates – Will sometimes not be able to pick up a crate for some reason. I see this happen quite a lot in Islands tunnels.

. Vehicle Crate – The vehicle that comes from the crate can sometimes stay high up in the air for a while before being dropped.

. Friendly Unit Kill – If you shoot and hit a friendly unit and that unit leaves the game or suicides you will get the kill.

. Kill Points – I killed a Transport Helicopter once with a few passengers inside and got over 1000 points. Is this correct?

. Suicide Kill – If a character gets killed by a c4 for example, it might say that the character suicided/committed suicide or died instead of the person who placed the c4 getting the kill. My theory on this is that the person who placed the c4 might have died before getting the kill, which for some the c4 or game won't register the kill properly.

. Enable Dynamic Lights – If this is turned off it will effect ingame shadows. Is this correct?

. Refilling – After refilling, your loadouts can sometimes change. For example, after using all my frag grenades I refilled and my grenades got changed to timed c4 for some reason.

. Sidearm/Explosives Loadout – If you change your sidearm and/or explosive loadout and then go on to buy something like a tank for example. Your loadout will not change.

. Explosives Loadout – After you respawn your default explosives loadout can sometimes change from timed c4 to grenades automatically.

. Gore - Some weapons don't cause any gore. I think this is just with friendly fire but I'm not sure. Please check below for some examples.

Gore Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... qtywiz.jpg

. Explosions, Smoke, Grenades, Environmental/General Debris, Sparks and Flame/Chemical Throwers – Can be seen falling/coming through walls/objects/rocks.

01 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... u7fhwy.jpg

. Unfair Win/Lose – I was playing a game which ended with my team having about 7 more points than the other team. But on the after battle report screen it showed the other team had won somehow. My team wasn't happy about it lol.

. Purchase Screen – Some vehicles/characters/objects can sometimes turn black and textureless.

Black Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... bf9rzv.jpg

. After Battle Report Screen – Will sometimes not show the map in the background and if it does it shows floating characters and vehicles.

. After Battle Report Screen – Some vehicles and structures can be heard continuously firing non-stop while you're on the after battle report screen. For example, the Obelisk of Light will fire non-stop.

. After Battle Report Screen - Can sometimes get kills while on this screen. I think this happens when people start leaving.

. After Battle Report Screen – Bots can still move/shoot. Is this correct?

. First Person View – Shooting over an object in fpv can sometimes bug up your weapon. For example, if a Gunner shoots up close over a wall the gun won't fire properly.

. First Person View – Can sometimes get a little bit buggy. Please check the image below.

First Person View Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 9zfppb.jpg

. First Person View – After running your character can get stuck in its running animation.

First Person View 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... scivmj.jpg

. Suicide Points – You get 1 point by killing yourself 2-3 times by a remote c4 for example.

. Donation Tip – The donation tip that appears on the loading screen is incorrect.

. Random Suicides – I was on full hp while in WF, and for some reason I just collapsed and died lol.

. Blood – After being hit/exposed. Some blood will appear far away from a character. Please check the image below.

Blood Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... 2zy1uf.jpg

. Unbalanced Teams - Sometimes a server won't auto-balance the teams properly. For example, I've seen 24 players against 16 players on a 40 player server.

. Reloading Bug - If you reload while sprinting in third person view, and then change to fpv, you won't see the reload animation. This might happen with grenades too.

. See-Through Objects – If you press up against a building, bunker, cliff, etc. You can see through that object.

See-Through Objects Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ecelsp.jpg

. Ladders – You can use your sniper rifle/weapon scope while on ladders. And you can shoot in a weird way while on them. Please check the image below.

Ladders 1 Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... mzxxjr.jpg

. Ladders - It's quite difficult to get back down tower ladders.

. Ladders – Doesn't show the character griping the ladder in fpv.

. Ladders – Sometimes when you use a ladder the character will do this strange animation.

Ladders Image - http://i1299.photobucket.com/albums/ag6 ... ll18s8.jpg

. Ladders – Ladders can be dangerous! Once I had 7 hp left and I went up a ladder and it killed me lol.

. Ladders - When you watch someone else using them in multiplayer, they look like they're having a seizure.

. Connecting Players – Will sometimes show their characters floating with their guns sticking out of their gut.

. Multiplayer and Skirmish Game Messages - After leaving a multiplayer/skirmish game a message will pop up on the title screen saying, ''Your connection to the host has been lost.''

. Skirmish – Random crashes to the title screen during a skirmish. This has happened 3 times in Beta 4.

. Server Connection – If a server is loading the next map you won't be able to connect to it.

. Alt-Tab - Can sometimes crash the game. I'm not sure if this is related to the stability of the game.

. Spies - I think spies have incorrect parachutes, but I might be wrong.

. Spies – Some spies that refill like the SBH spy for example, will still get detected by the enemy's base defences.

. Spectator Camera – Can sometimes spawn in the enemy base instead of your own base, while on the waiting for other players/match begins screen.

. Purchase Screen - If you use the pt right after changing your character, it will sometimes show the last character you was before changing.

. Multiplayer Names – Some names have apostrophes around them.

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