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I'm working on a new announcer who has extended capabilities. I don't want to get in the details yet, the point is it needs to use SoundCues in UDK. After many hours to find out what was wrong with UDK, I had to realize that even though the package contains properly set SoundCues, the building announcements are not using them at all, just the SoundNodeWaves.

I checked the source code and confirmed this:

FriendlyBuildingSounds(BuildingDestroyed)           = SoundNodeWave'RX_EVA_VoiceClips.nod_eva.S_EVA_Nod_AirStrip_Destroyed'

I believe it's not as simple as to change SoundNodeWave to SoundCue with the added _Cue to make it use the cues so I believe I pinpointed the source of this in Rx_Building_Team_Internals.uc:

enum BuildingAlarm

var const SoundNodeWave     FriendlyBuildingSounds[buildingAlarm.BuildingAlarm_MAX];
var const SoundNodeWave     EnemyBuildingSounds[buildingAlarm.BuildingAlarm_MAX];

Probably there is a reason for this and I'm sure that changing the code here would affect every building which is referred to it. If you have the knowledge what should be changed here (and how to change the first error which is given when the scripts are rebuilt) please share it. I'd like to modify all the buildings' source code to use SoundCues if this is possible.

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