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Laucher doesn't update to 4.02


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Im already frustrated of crashing problems and low fps since beta 3. Now this s*** happens? Computer specs are actually not much related to this issue. Checked firewall and downloaded twice.

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Devs themselves even confirmed that beta 2 to 3. Many people left the game. "We realize that our players have dwindled significantly since our February release: we went from having 400-1000 players on at a time to just 40-80 players. You can still catch a good game of Renegade X at almost any part of the day, but we want to have a large, thriving, self-sufficient community. Perhaps the biggest cause of the population shrink is the crashing, which became too annoying for many people to bear. We believe we have fixed those problems. Another cause was ingame exploits, and we’ve since developed some countermeasures to the use of exploits. A third reason is that C&C mode – which is very different from what gamers are used to nowadays – perhaps did not appeal to some of the newcomers."

From cnc-comm.com by FOBBYGEN.

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Well that may be the case, but most people don't have problems now, and it's no use writing passive aggressive posts with not enough detail about the actual problem in here.

If your game says it is version 4.0009, you have the latest version, it is just displayed differently than in the launcher.

So, what other problem do you have exactly?

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