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Poll: Gunner

What should we do with Gunner?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. What should we do with Gunner?

    • Damage buff at least up to Grenadier
    • Lower Missile Travel Speed
    • Lower Fire Rate
    • Less Splash Damage for Anti-Infantry
    • Lock on (Vehicles only)

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Should be given the Grenade Launcher.

No, but seriously, his weapon should be adapted to the Grenade Launcher's power from it's 8 shots, into the Gunner's 6 shots. Give him slower traveling missiles to comphensate or something. You only need him to lay the hurt on a building or tank blob anyway. If the tank was moving, that would be Patch's Shtick...

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The general consensus in the "Balance Changes" topic was this:

Slight nerf in splash damage vs infantry.

Buff in damage to vehicles and buildings.

Oh? I didn't look at the discussion, I just submitted my own and generally tracked the poll numbers.

But that is exactly what I'd do, except for maybe slower rockets, because the ones in Renegade seemed so easy to dodge even in tunnel fights in Field. You would just splash damage from ground to death or get a really randy rocket headshot that you mishappened to dodge "into".

If his rockets were slower, he could easily apply his rage to his ideal targets still: Structures and tank masses. Moving tanks and more reliably infantry, is more of a Patch sort of coverage.

Which is the best part. Differenciating him from Patch. They both do the same right now, just sort of different. Removing infantry from his strong points, and giving him Real tank destroying power, on par with rocket soldier and grenadier, would make Patch look weak in comparison, except for the fact that a light tank or infantry with automatic weaponry won't end your life as badly as it would a Gunner.

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I made this a poll. Add new suggestions by posting below. Everyone vote on any and all you feel, and you are allowed to change your vote later. I am trusting you NOT to vote for ones that overlap/conflict.

So far, suggested options are:

-Less Splash so not Anti Infantry

-Lock On to Veh Only

-Damage Buff to Grenadier DPS

-Damage Buff only trade for RoF

-Damage Buff with slower missile travel time

EDIT: Why did I even add damage buff to the second 2, they can be their own optons. Meh, changed that to just be ROF and travel time.

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I'm assuming option 1 is only to vehicles?

Definitely NOT lock-on. GDI already has the advantage in AA.

I am not sure if Grenadier can 1 hit headshot. If not, I assume he has much higher damage to structure than infantry. By Buff Gunner to Grenadier, I mean including whatever buffs he gets if any, and including the armor variables. Odds are, it will only make Gunner as good as... Grenadier ofc.

The AA thing can also be fixed if Ramjets are given a mild buff to light armor. It currently is a clip does 36%, it should at least be 48%, if not 56%.

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