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Game won't run


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Hey, all so I am super stoked for the beta 4 version, but when i installed it I can get into the game fine, but when I go to make a game in skirmish mode, it won't start, I click the launch button and nothing happens, and I sit there, I gave it time, I've re installed it 3 times, I just don't know what to do anymore, can someone help me out?

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I wanted to know what download link you used. Because it sounds like you downloaded the SDK by mistake. The SDK is NOT the multiplayer and has none of the multiplayer maps which would explain why nothing happens when you press launch. You need to download from the "Renegade X: Multiplayer (Open Beta 4)" section of the downloads page. If this is not the case please attach the log file of when you try to launch a skirmish.

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Maybe the software development kit should not be the first link on the download site. Kind of misleading...

He DOES have a point here, and of the 3 times I downloaded it between me and friends, it has came up as sort of an intentional design flaw every time it happened, 3 seperate times 3 similar conversations over it...

...BUT, they did make it transparently clear that there IS an SDK for it ^.^

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