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Tanks vs. Tanks Damage


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Just did some pretty quick tests to see the damage of tanks vs tanks in beta 4.02. May add TTK (time to kill) measurements at some point as well.

Vehicle------RoF--------------Dlight--------------DHeavy------------Reload time--------

Buggy -----10.5---------------3.2------------------2.4-------------------1.75-------------









Mammy----Negligible--------64 / 26.25---------64 / 26.25-----------1.8 / 5.5------


RoF = Rate of Fire. How long it takes for the vehicle to shoot one round. 1 shot per reload vehicles don't have this, but just a reload time.

Dlight= Damage to light armored vehicles.

Dheavy= Damage to heavy armored vehicles.

Reload time = From start to finish of reload. For one shot per reload vehicles, this was the time until the turret fired again.

Note that the stealth tank has 2 missiles, and each 1 can individually be fired if desired, but both essentially can come out at the same time as well. Mammoth tank is per each individual shell, so multiple by 2 and 4 for each for total damage per round.

All time calculations are approximate and can be assumed to have a possible maximum variance of ~0.2 as they were done by hand. Flame tank has a high variance level as this was also done by hand and is very hard to measure. All damage calculations were done by taking several shots or whole rounds and dividing the damage received by the bullets/shells fired.

As you can see, not a whole lot has changed from SFjake's original damage chart. Just thought I'd do an updated one to see. Most noticeable would probably be the mammoth tank rockets receiving a nerf.

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