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How do you report a player for suspicious activity?


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There was this sniper only on islands within the tunnels and he would get a headshot no matter the situation.

No matter if his target was far away,up close, or if the target was moving around like crazy he would headshot them with one shot and no misses. He even killed 3 people in 1 hit. He ended up with 80+ kills and like 10 deaths. In the end, his shots were hard to believe as skill. He never went into the open, he stayed in the tunnels just waiting for people to come through. He'd peak out and jump back to cover within second and still get a headshot on multiple targets before anyone could even make it to his side of the tunnel. Another player from my team was questioning his abilities too.

When called out on it the suspicious user then gloated that he was just that good and you know how it is. Started to troll, he also hinted that he's so good that he doesn't even use the scope.

I believe he was an aimbot.

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