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TAC Insertion


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I posted this idea in the past, but really think that's it is worth revisiting.

Having a purchasable TAC insertion that you can put into a PT of your choice would be a very pleasant addition. Have it cost $75, and it only works for your next spawn ONLY. Many maps have buildings that are very far apart, and that makes for a long time sprinting to get out of the base, having to refill just to increase your sprint again for leaving the base, and then finally you get to leave the base.

That's fine and all for some, but for many players, they would literally rather purchase a TAC insertion to put into a PT manually to not have to experience a Ref spawn in Xmountain, Under, Walls, etc. again. If you have an abundance of credits and want to do this, I say it is worthwhile. I think that most people won't even bother touching it, but some people such as myself would when I have over like 1500 credits.

Of course, it could eventually also be paired with the vet system to cost 1 SP or something as well, so that you truly have to earn the privilege to use it.

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tbh, it sounds like people are wanting Ren X to become more and more like Call of Duty lol

Cod doesn't have bases where you spawn at purchase terminals. That's almost like saying cod was trying to be like renegade because it has guns lol

Agreed with you Hate.

The idea is different as far as gameplay mechanic. This isn't wanting to spawn mid-field or in-enemy-base. This idea is wanting to "prefer a spawnpoint at a PT".

Now, I love the idea, and I know it would be semi-difficult to program, but I would appreciate this as well.

The only worry is, people preferring PT spawns at WF and Air and tunnel-close PTS, leaving nobody spawning inside of buildings that may possibly have enemy personell in it. However, here is my take on that:

If nobody spawns in the Ref in Islands, techies sneak in and detonate c4 in it, GG. However, if someone intentionally spawns in it, they are "smart and tactical and skillful veteran at the game". However, in the current system where spawning is random, you can infiltrate the ref, and depending on if someone dies and if the Random-Number-God favors or smites you that particular day, you may have nobody spawn despite 6 people dying during the infiltration, or you may have a single enemy die and spawn facing your dumb arse with an autorifle and light you up.

So even if this possibly makes some structures like Islands Ref more tactical to infiltrate with the potentially less spawn traffic, it also makes it more "reliable" and less "luck based". Either you intentionally spawn there to check occasionally, you intentionally don't spawn there and risk it's loss, or you infiltrate it relying on the lack of traffic and get results correlating to the enemy's strategy instead of wherever the game decides to spawn someone at.

I would be ok with a spawn preference system, whether it be prefering spawn at a PT, or at a structure (less fusterclucking a single PT at the front HON entrance and more distributing them amongst the 3)

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