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C&C Dead End (Name not 100% chosen)


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Yo Yo Yo guys! Finally Nero is here with his creation :D is not really started, I will start today with the mapping but everything else like buildings, etc. are done. Please forgive me for my drawing skills xD.

Well, let's get started to introduce the map.

The map name is not its final one, it could be called Dead End but I will leave it up to you guys as I'm not really good with names :P

It takes place in a red zone, just where one of the Tiberium meteors have fallen. The GDI EVA found some kind of energy emanating from here and they fastly built up a base. In a Nod attack to one of the GDI bases they found the information about the unknown energy source and Kane decided to come and explore what GDI could have found.

When GDI first reached the place they discovered misterious buildings that magically appeared in their faces, it's thought that these buildings were hiden in some kind of other dimension while they built up an army. For some reason this unknown creatures weren't able to acomplish their objective and left the planet.

Everything points that they came with the tiberium and that their technology is by far stronger than Earth's technology.

When Nod discovered this, Kane quickly acted and made another base to gain the control of the ruins like he knew what they were. This is where the map takes place. GDI needs to defend the instalation and the ruins in order to be able to retrieve all the technology/data they can and Nod must control them so Kane can investigate further into the final ascension.


With the introduction ended let's talk about the map:

-As you can see by looking at the bases this map will have 2 AGTs/Obelisks, yeah 2. Why I took this decision is because this is a really important battle for both teams and they are fighting with all their forces.

-The map is pretty big, not like Field or Walls.

-There will be a silo in every base, yeah inside it to keep the players with some more credits that with only 1 silo in the middle of the field.

-Both bases have 2 vehicle entrances and 2 infantry entrances, the bases are pretty big too and mines would need to be places more strategycally (I will try to achieve this objective so mining the inf. entrances won't defend all the base. Also I'll try to make the harvy walk to the first AGT/Oby possible without just being spotted by everyone.

-I know you can see the scrin logo in the bottom left square, the reason why I didn't refer to them in the introduction is because Renegade/Renegade X takes places before the C&C 3 history so no one knows anything about them right now.

-The center thing is a very big blue tiberium crystal. If you think green would be better then I'll make it green tib. All around this tib crystal is the infantry path which connects both bases, but be careful, if you get too close to the crystal it will severely damage you, not like normal tib ^^. The infantry path has 2 paths so it will make harder for both teams to just interrupt infantry rushes. With 2 paths normally only 1 will be used at a time.

-The back infantry entrances to the bases aren't connected with the main infantry path. In order to get there you'd have to go up at the normal field (probably crowded with vehicles :P) and reach the other side of it.

And well.... that was all I typed a lot more than I thought I would type. I hope you like this map. I'll save some surprises, when the map is getting close to its final form I will reveal them! Keep tuned!

Any suggestions/opinions about the name of the map, whatever will be appreciated. Thanks for your time! ^^

Some work that is already done:




I think the blue tiberium crystals material need a bit less light so it wouldnt see that shiny. What do you think guys? I can even make it red tiberium of TS. Thoughts are appreciated!!

For those who don't know. Red tiberium:http://gyazo.com/878...addd5641d820a4f

Also planning on making blue crystals bigger as green crystals but wanted to ask first, may be they look better like they are now

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