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Costs: Classic or Change?

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RenX currently uses mostly legacy classic renegade prices for units and vehicles. However, most old servers at least believed the old SBH was worth more than 400.

This isn't about that per-say. I always thought the credits in this game were over-abundant. Free infantry is really good, so unlike legacy renegade, I don't think even the cheap infantry is necesary for every spawn. That being said...

...should we reconsider the prices for everything? Again, not for balance, as cost balance opens up a whole new can of worms and it is easier to balance class to cost than it is to every unit against each other in both areas. But for credit-abundance, as in picking a general ratio or multiplier, and evenly increasing all current costs

For instance, as far as credit abundance, 1k units eat cost up and aren't 5x more effective than 200 credit units. 200 credit units are some of the most cost effective little guys. I can see the officer and rocketeer staying 175 and 250 for instance. However, McFarland and Chem, should they be 350? Should hotwire/tech be 400? Should gunner, patch, sbh, and chaingunner be 550? 500 snipers now 650?

Then, that leaves a gap of around 2x the cost between bottom and top tier infantry. I would still argue, being able to buy 2 very strong LCG/Patch would still be viable, and being able to buy with the passive credit income even with a dead ref is also still viable.

For vehicles, this could mean making buggies as cheap as they are still, but making the apc 600, mrls/arty 525, light tank 700, med tank 900, stank and flamers 1000, vtol/apache 1100, mammy 1600.

Maybe make structure/pp loss multiply by 40% and 80% instead, as costs are higher anyway so "multiples" multiply higher. Reducing the percent, just keeps the increase current, so a mammy isn't 3200 but merely 3000. Idk, that is just a thought.

This might extend the early game, which shooouuulldd be ok but I could be wrong, I mean a harvester dump is a lot of credits so it may exaggerate the effect of losing a harvester, but if things really didn't get rolling until 2 harvester dumps then it instead makes it softer as losing 1 harvester is recoverable (although losing both is devastating you still have fairly strong free infantry which works as well as good credit management through not dying all the time and donating). The games are already 30 minute rounds in AOW, so a longer early game means the game isn't filled with 1k units 4 minutes in and is constantly played as such for 25 whole minutes.


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