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No stats in game


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Hi all,

I got no stats on every server. Every time i connect to a server everything is resetted to 0.

This became a problem since Beta 4.

On the Matrixren.net server it won't even save stats during a game. On other servers the stats will be saved during 1 map. When the next map starts the stats are gone as well.

Some one got the same problem or some one can help me with it? Please let me know.

I am trying to reinstall the game as we speak. Hope this solves the problem but i don't think so.



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If your refering to the EKT rec system, its because the renx launcher seems to like putting "" marks in peoples names.

"Fred" has 0 recs if you change ingame using f5 setname Fred then the old name over writes the new stats, then you end up being reset back to 0.

Since they can update the launcher when they feel like im surprised this hasnt been fixed already.

(note people who use steam or their own launcher arent affected)

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