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Voting Mutator/Removal


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Hey All

I was just wondering if in the latest patch there is a server config/command anywhere to disable or remove voting? Only asking as I am sure it was mention somewhere in previous conversations about this being an option in the next release as its quite frustrating when trying to run a Marathon server and people are voting over and over until it eventually passes for a map change? If there is no command is this quite an easy thing to make via a mutator? Would try myself but honestly have no idea when it comes to coding or making things with Unreal Engine.

Cheers in advance.

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No there is no config option for it atm.

But yes it would be a very easy thing to deactivate it with a mutator. For example you could make a mutator to exchange Rx_VoteMenuChoice_ChangeMap serverside with a new version of it that has no code in the Execute() function. So then the vote would still show up for players but the vote would have no effect. You could then also add a EVA message in the Execute() funcion instead informing the players that the vote is deactivated and therefore has no effect.

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