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few questions about servers


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1. Is there anywhere in the config files that allows you to control the amount of credits the harvy produces per drop, or would this require some sort of mutator.

2. When you load the launcher on the top right hand sign there is a RenegadeX logo which links back to yourselves, I have noticed RenCorner has there own logo. Is this also something in the files we can change or do we have to send a request to the developers

3. Providing a mirror for renegade x - On your main download page there are few mirrors available to use for downloading the latest version of this game, How does one get a mirror onto that page

Thanks in advance

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1. No config value afaik. It would require a mutator.

2. I dont know how it works and it doesent seem to be maintained atm. People who were working on that vanished.

3. When we publish a new release you can post mirrors in the release thred wich we will then add to the mirrors list. Some server owners we know we can trust we will give the link before the release.

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