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Field Hospitals


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In the large maps there an issue of running out of ammunition or being severely injured but being nowhere near the base.

As a capturable structure, how does a small field hospital sound? You can go in, replenish ammunition and health and then get back to fighting more quickly. I imagine to keep it from being too powerful you wouldn't be able to change what character you are using though.

It could possibly be tied into the repair station idea I had where the vehicle repair station would be on the roof of the small structure.

It could also act as a small fortification with slots to fire out at enemies through but likely no defenses of it's own.

A tweak to this idea is that it could be made an entirely neutral structure that doesn't favor Nod or GDI. Whoever happens to be in it will receive the benefit.

When infantry is inside the hospital a repair burst will happen at regular intervals or a gradual but steady repair field will heal infantry.

Ammunition resupply crates will be generated at regular intervals at dispensers that partially restore ammunition. A good number would be 4 dispensers and 4 crates would be required to fully resupply ammunition.

This way, if a player that is out of ammo arrives and is the only one at the hospital a complete resupply can occur immediately allowing the player to move on again. It would also prevent a team holding the structure from gaining an absolute advantage over a team trying to take it for themselves.

An EMP used against the structure may also temporarily halt the healing and resupply crate generation as well.

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