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EMP Vehicle Suggestions


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I made a point to run out a few times with EMP grenades as an SBH to try to hamper an enemy attack.

I hit a med with an EMP and the only thing that happened was that the tank wasn't able to move. The only issue is that the tank wasn't moving in the first place making the EMP useless against tanks unless they are actively engaged in a fight.

I think the EMP could be tweaked in the following way against tanks.

They would last the same amount of time but decrease the vehicles firing rate for the duration of the EMP grenade. For a period of 5 seconds they would also be unable to fire at all and the reloading process would also be frozen and restart at the end of the countdown. The EMP would also interrupt a vehicles firing and restart them in the cycle. In otherwords, if an MLRS is EMPd in the middle of a volley it would stop instantly when hit by the EMP.

This wouldn't leave EMP'd vehicles entire defenseless but would make EMP grenades useful against vehicles.

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Just throwing the idea out because when I threw an EMP at a med that wasn't even moving in the first place only to discover the only way it was affected is that it could no longer move... That was kind of a waste of 300 credits. Even a moderately decreased firing rate would make the EMP worth something in those situations as the target vehicles ability to deal damage would be decreased for a short time.

As for the firing being halted, that could be tweaked so it only happens on the initial EMP so no interruption could occur until after the first grenade wears off.

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While I like that you're coming up with new ideas, I think that making EMPs only disable movement makes them much more situational. If EMPs disable/reduce firing then they become an item that is always good against vehicles. I like that right now you need use them only in certain situations.

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