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EMP C4 Suggestions for B4


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The affect on C4 when EMP grenades are used has become a major issue and I can think of several issues that could come up as a result.

A rush is going on against the MCT, remote C4s have been rigged on the terminal and the rush is about to be successful but a single person rushes in, throws an EMP grenade before they can go off without fighting off the rushers and the entire point of having MCTs to rush is effectively destroyed.

An example, the other day I saw an APC driving up to the Nod power plant just after the start of the match so I ran for the entrance on the other side to avoid the APC and found 2 engineers taking out the MCT that had already detonated their Remote C4s and the 2 timed C4s were already set.

I managed to kill both engineers who did their best to defend their mines and was disarming the first timed C4 before the first help arrived. It was a coordinated team effort on the part of those two engineers even though they failed. If they killed me they might have been able to hold off the responders long enough for the Timed C4 to destroy the Power plant.

It was a contest of skill that ultimately decided the PP's fate, not just some lone wolf throwing an EMP at the Timed C4 in a lone wolf act that requires no real skill and would be almost impossible to stop even by skilled engineers.

In other words, I think EMP grenades should not be able to disable C4 mines of any kind. It could destroy the entire balance and mechanics of the game. However, I can think of one important way they could be used.

If the EMP could temporarily disable the Proximity function of Proximity C4. During that time they would only go off if someone or something goes over them like if a person steps on them or vehicle drives over them. That would keep EMPs from disabling mines protecting a base but allow skilled players to dance around or jump over Proximity C4 mines that have space between them.

Proxies in bases are usually tightly packed so base defense measures wouldn't be nerfed entirely but the typically more loose minefields laid outside buildings in areas like infantry paths could be penetrated.

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That strikes me as still being a bit too powerful and would make it too easy to clear out large numbers of mines before defenders have a chance to react.

Thought them being disabled even temporarily would make it easier to break stalemates on maps like Field unless aim-bots are being employed.

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EMPs replace timed C4 and also warn the enemy team by stating that the building is under attack. There were multiple beta 4 testing sessions where I tried to effectively use an EMP to sneak in solo and place a beacon and is just doesn't work. Also, 10 seconds is a LONG time to wait. If you have an urgent APC Rush, 10 seconds is more than enough time for the enemy team to react especially when they hear the building is under attack.

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So the EMPs themselves have no affect on buildings themselves?

As you're on the beta team and have more insight on the upcoming changes, what do you think it would be like if Proxy C4s were only temporarily disabled rather than disarmed? As in the mines could be disabled, the rushers go in, and then after 30 seconds or so the mines become active again?

Not really arguing for the idea so much as just throwing things out.

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