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Hey there devs, i have an idea that i would like to feedback on!

We have a lot of Comm wars , Clan wars and Squad wars over on TmX and i think it would be awesome for a bit of support with regards to these particular games. What i mean is options like a countdown for example so people could get ingame for a clanmatch, get on the right side and discuss tactics during a 5 min countdown then the game starts when the timer ends, perhaps even with 10 second countdown animation.

I feel like this is necessary because the current system is like this; We join a game and 30 minute countdown begins, we get on right teams ( which for some reason is very complicated for some people and takes upwards of a minute ), credits start rolling in and the harv goes out to harvest. We all agree to start on the 29 minute mark but this means we start the game with the harvester out of position so a harv rush is impossible, plus we start with one less minute of game time and waaay more creds than we should have. Also the few minutes would be great for some strategising so we dont end up with a shambolic team with no real coordination, like a lot of those games can turn out to be.

I dont know what you have in mind for beta 4 as im not a tester and i dont know much about what is possible with scripting , but i really hope something similar to this can be done to make those games run smoother and increase the joy had by all.

Thanks for reading !

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In the beta 4 patch note:

The start of an online match is now delayed by 20 seconds. The start of the match will be delayed till either the server filled up or till NetWaitTime=20 rans out. After that a final 10 second counter will start before the game begins.

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Ah i didnt see that, theres a lot of words in the changelist ^^ . 20 seconds isnt really enough time for organised matches in my opinion, i suppose the planning could be done in advance for planned matches, but we had one last night where we picked teams on the night based on who was online , therefore no ability to plan.

Also if this could be done, extra credit would be given if during the countdown also stopped people leaving the buildings they spawn in to stop those peoples who start a few seconds early!

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Would also help for some clanwars if teams can stay the same as the last match, this might already be doable tho? Also possibly an option to swap the same teams between gdi and nod between matches. Some little things like that. This might be worth having as server side options for a warz server :)

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